Top 5 Easy Hikes Near Denver That Are Definitely Worth It

April 12, 2019 3 min read

Colorado is a gorgeous place to live and play.

With beautiful mountain views and lots to do, the Denver area continues to thrive, offering residents a great place to call home.

If you're like many people, it's not enough to simply gaze out your window at the scenery. You want to get out and immerse yourself in all that nature has to offer.

But, where are the easy hikes near Denver?

Since we're all about helping people make the most out of each day, we've compiled a short list of some of our favorite easy hiking spots that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Meadow & Forest Loop Trails
at Lookout Mountain Nature Center

With over 100 acres of amazing wildlife, Meadow & Forest Loop Trails at Lookout Mountain Nature Center is an inspiration for kids and adults alike. This nature center offers interactive exhibits that allow visitors to explore the ecosystem of the foothills. Kids can spend some time in the hands-on play room, visit an observation room to learn more about Colorado nature, or bundle up and go outside to hike even when there's snow on the ground. Located at 910 Colorow Road in Golden, Colorado, the center is open Tuesday through Sunday. Hours vary by season, so be sure to contact their staff before planning your visit.

Trading Post Trail at Red Rocks Park

If you've never been to Red Rocks Park, you're missing out. Although the entire park offers breathtaking views, the Trading Post Trail is a perfect choice for your first visit. If you're new to hiking or have little ones with you, this trail is an excellent way to see the sights, spend time with loved ones, or just take a walk. One thing that makes this trail so spectacular is that it takes you around ten of the park's giant red rock formations. Just off 470 near Denver, the Trading Post Trail is easily accessible.

Waterton Canyon

Home to a variety of wildlife that includes Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, mule deer, and black bears, Waterton Canyon is a wonderful place to enjoy the day. The canyon offers a hike to the dam, horseback riding, and plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities. Here to enjoy all year round, Waterton Canyon is open to hikers and guests from about a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset. Its proximity to Denver makes this Douglas County attraction a great day trip for anyone.

Alderfer and Three Sisters Park

A Jefferson County open space, the Alderfer and Three Sisters Park area consists of over 1,000 acres of stunning vistas, beautiful ponderosa pine, and amazing landmark rock formations. With more than 15 miles of walking paths, the park has more trails than any other foothills park. If you're looking for a place to spend an entire day out in nature, you may want to grab your backpack and head over to Evergreen to check out the east and west trailheads at Alderfer and Three Sisters Park.

South Valley Park Trails

Perfect for beginning hikers and mountain bikers, the South Valley Park Trails consist of two main trailheads, which are located in Littleton, Colorado. The South Valley South Trailhead is located at 12447 Deer Creek Canyon Road, while the South Valley North Trailhead sits at 8354 South Valley Road. Both trailheads offer stunning views of red sandstone spires and provide an on-trail only experience so everyone can enjoy their time in a safe, protected environment. If you're looking for ways to get out and enjoy the amazing views near Denver, try out one of these parks. But, especially if it's cold outside, don't forget to throw on your favorite hoodie to keep you warm out on the trail.

What's your favorite hike near Denver?

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Brad Miller

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