The Open Hearts Movement stands as a collaborative effort with celebrated artist @Pat Milbery to create products with purpose that reshape our perceptions and conversations around mental health. Fuelled and inspired by the uplifting energy of nature, we are unwaveringly committed to preserving the natural world that nurtures and sustains us.


Studies affirm that spending time in nature positively influences our mental well-being, impacting our happiness, sense of purpose, and interpersonal connections. Pat Milbery, the creative and visionary force behind the Open Hearts asserts that "living with an open heart enables us to better care for ourselves, our environment, and one another." Milbery has hand-picked partners that align with his values of creating beautifully designed products that celebrate & sustain the natural world and our deep and profound connection with it. We could not be more excited to partner with YoColorado to bring forth this exclusive collection.

Open Hearts takes pride in its association with SOS Outreach. SOS facilitates transformative outdoor experiences for youth blending impactful exploration, positive adult mentorship, leadership development, and community service. This approach empowers children to discover joy, embrace inclusivity, overcome challenges, enhance their mental health, and evolve into resilient leaders.

We're proud that our remarkable partners are committed to donating a portion of sales to SOS Outreach. When you choose products from the Open Hearts Collection, you're investing in the next generation, sparking crucial conversations about mental health between kids and the mentors who care about them. Your purchase goes beyond a transaction; it's a powerful statement of solidarity in our shared belief that nature holds transformative power to impact how we care for our own hearts and the hearts of those around us.