At YoColorado

We believe in liberated exploration. Let's embody a life that's freely embracing our unique connection with the outdoors and inviting others to join in the fun. 

It's not just about making apparel, it's about creating a lifestyle that is inspired by the outdoors and fueled by a passion for adventure. Our team strives to build a collection that is sustainably crafted and thoughtfully curated with you and your wild pursuits in mind. 


Empowering You to Find Your Outside Since 2013

Our Company

Once upon a time, a small batch outdoor apparel brand was born. Back in 2013 we began our journey into the world of retro-inspired apparel and gear that captures the spirit of what it means to live a life in the great outdoors.  Since then, YoColorado has been crafting slow fashion pieces that capture the essence of that free-spirited adventure. Based in historic Golden, Colorado, the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, YoColorado continues on this path of pursuing an inclusive, vibrant and free-spirited lifestyle.  

With a unique personality and a tight-knit team, YoColorado is all about traversing and ascending the traditional fashion landscape, balancing nostalgia and modernity with high-quality, aspirational designs. Each piece produced is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, reflecting the brand's commitment to celebrating a life lived outdoors, leveraging that same curiosity and wonder that inspired the founders when they started the company.

YoColorado promises to empower you to find your outside with liberation through self expression.   We believe that what you wear is not just about clothing, it's about embracing individuality and showing your authentic self to the world. 

YoColorado. Gear you can trust to help you Find Your Mountain®

As Our Journey Continues

Our team here at YoColorado is focused on the future.  And the future is sustainability.  Along with our commitment to small batch manufacturing and sourcing recycled materials, we give a second chance to our retired tee shirts, climbing ropes, and event materials by making bags, dog leashes, and partnering with local makers to create bike accessories.  

Our mission is to continue to learn, grow and improve our products and processes to make sure when you buy from YoColorado, our standards are always met and your expectations are exceeded. 

We hope you can visit our flagship retail store here in sunny Golden, Colorado.  Even if you don't get a chance to visit, we'd love to see your smiling faces and personal stories. And see how your outdoor pursuits have been enriched by wearing your YoColorado gear.  

Email us or post a photo on your social media wearing YoColorado wherever you are in the world.