September 01, 2017

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10. You can get a lot of free food and drinks if you pretend you're a Bronco fan.

9. If you don't use at least 50 sunscreen, you'll look like this guy. 

8. Who you hang out with in winter depends on which ski pass you buy.

7. ‘One more drink and then we’ll call it?’ Better think twice.

For flatlanders, that drink is going to hit much harder at 5,280 feet. Not that you shouldn’t slam that final shot of whiskey, just be sure to grab hold of something secure before you stand up.

6. We’re not necessarily excited that you moved here.

Locals are getting pretty fed up with the booming population.

5. The giant, evil-looking stallion outside Denver International Airport actually is evil.

Luis Jimenez, the sculptor of what has become the most notorious piece of public art in the city, died after the horse fell on his leg and severed an artery. Now, Blucifer sits just outside the airport as a warning to opposing teams flying in to play against the Broncos.

2. Rocky mountain oysters don’t come from the sea.

In landlocked states, there are a lot more bulls than shellfish. So many, in fact, that castration is often in order. Now, what to do with all those balls lying around.

1. Bring your jacket. And your shorts. And your beanie. And your bicycle.

Our four seasons are known for overlapping, and we like it that way. Want to ski in June? Head to A-Basin. Want to bike in December? Chances are, you’ll be in luck.

And remember...Go Broncos!

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