The 5 Best Hidden Hot Springs in Colorado

The 5 Best Hidden Hot Springs in Colorado
In Colorado, we never run out of places to hike, ski, and vacation. But as Colorado’s population grows, sometimes the Rockies can feel a bit crowded (Denver grew by more than 100,000 people in 7 years).

When you’re looking to explore and relax in Colorado, you may want something a bit off the beaten path.

In the mood for hot springs?
Here are the 5 Best Hidden Hot Springs in Colorado:

1. Ouray Hot Springs Pool

Situated in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado, Ouray Colorado is a true gem of the Rocky Mountain Region. Referred to as the “Switzerland of America”, the City of Ouray is nestled within a narrow valley surrounded by 13,000 foot snowcapped peaks.

Ouray Colorado - 5 Best Hidden Hot Springs in Colorado

Why we love it:

With slides and lanes for swimming, Ouray’s hot spring really does feel like a pool. This hot spring is perfect to enjoy all times of the year, not just during the winter months.

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2. Valley View Hot Springs

Totally immerse yourself in nature by visiting Valley View Hot Springs. You can see all sorts of wildlife while soaking in these trail-side pools located in Moffat, Colorado.

Valley View Hot Springs - 5 Best Hidden Hot Springs in Colorado

Why we love it:

During your visit to Valley View Hot Springs, you can explore the rest of the reserve and enjoy rustic lodgings if you want to stay the night. There are also spring-fed swimming pools and showers. Make sure to get your pass! Spots are limited.

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3. Rainbow Hot Springs

If you are looking for a truly secluded hot spring experience, Rainbow Hot Springs is worth the hike. Besides, is there anything more rewarding than a hot pool after a long walk through the woods?

Rainbow Hot Springs - Best Hidden Hot Springs in Colorado

Why we love it:

Rainbow Hot Springs is the ultimate backwoods, hidden hot spring in Colorado. Not many people are willing to make the hike, so you’ll likely have this pool all to yourself. Oh yeah, and it’s free.


4. Desert Reef Hot Spring

Clothing is optional! Let go of all your inhibitions and take a dip in this hidden hot spring outside Florence, Colorado.

Desert Reef Hot Spring - Best Hidden Hot Springs in Colorado

Why we love it:

It’s not for everyone, but if you’ve ever wanted to try, now’s your chance to publicly bathe in nothing but your birthday suit. Desert Reef also offers gorgeous vistas for you to admire as you blissfully soak the day away.

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5. South Canyon Hot Springs

Just outside of Glenwood Springs, you can enjoy a secluded hot spring tucked away in a rocky canyon. Beat the traffic of Glenwood Springs and make the hike—it’s well worth it.

South Canyon Hot Springs - Best Hidden Hot Springs in Colorado

Why we love it:

You can lodge in Glenwood Springs and still enjoy the serenity that the mountains have to offer. For being a hidden hot spring in Colorado, these pools are still fairly convenient to access. This hot spring is also free.


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