This Drivers License Plates Are Making A Lot Of People Uneasy In Colorado

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This driver has been spotted around town here in the Denver metro area. Many people get offended by the license plates while others love it. Is this how we really feel Colorado? Let us know what you think. 

Go Home Colorado License Plate



  • Wanda

    Transplants go home!!! Now you want to close down I70 because of the sun? Transplant running the state, took away the vehicle inspections in favor of air pollution regulations but ignored pitted windshields and bald tires? Idiots!!! Fix your damn pitted, cracked windshield so ya don’t freak out topping Floyd Hill at sunrise! Buy snow tires, so your coaster ride can make it up, instead of clogging up the pass with your lack of vehicle maintenance and driving skills! Common sense goes along way, that which has escaped these coasters transplants if they ever had any sense to begin with!! AND stop smoking pot in your car while your boards/skis are falling off your rack. THIS IS WHY COLORADO Natives are pissed at Transplants.

  • Marty

    This guy has had this license plate for many years- that is the old green mountain style license plate. If people want to waste their time being offended over something like this, let them.

  • Blah

    Yes this is how we really feel. Go the Effff home!

  • Tammy

    Yes let’s be offended by one more thing. Why would this persons opinion really matter to anyone other than his/hers friends and family?

  • Deb Werner

    Please correct are to is. It is singular as in one license plate.

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