This Drivers License Plates Are Making A Lot Of People Uneasy In Colorado

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This driver has been spotted around town here in the Denver metro area. Many people get offended by the license plates while others love it. Is this how we really feel Colorado? Let us know what you think. 

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  • Andrew

    I’m a native have been my whole life and all these idiots from California and Texas come over here and ruin my beautiful state, it’s turning into California and I hate it! Go back to where you came from no-one wants you here

  • Taylor

    Yes this is true colorado natives are sick of everyone flooding our cities and destroying the traffic from 2:30pm-7:30pm

  • Danielle

    Love it

  • Annie

    I completely agree with that license plate! The new boom of transplants since weed became legal has been miserable. I hate leaving my house now because places are crowded and traffic sucks. I have friends that can’t even find places to live because rent has gotten so ridiculous. I wish I would have never voted yes or helped campaign for amendment 64. I regret this so much. This should have been a burden for another state. I wish the transplants would all move away… Please… Go… I really do hate most of you. My beautiful state is ruined!

  • Paul

    That would just make me want to follow them and show them my old California drivers license and get in front of them and drive like a slow, crappy Colorado driver!
    and I drove in snow in California!
    We have mountains and snow as well, it’s not a Colorado only thing! Nice try!
    I’m glad all my Colorado friends are more adult and not petty “locals” like this idiot!

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