How To Get Fit and Have Fun: Colorado Edition

How To Get Fit and Have Fun: Colorado Edition

With low obesity rates, high activity rates, and longer life expectancies, Colorado consistently ranks high among the nation’s healthiest communities. Why? You could explore many reasons but one of the biggest is the endless array of fun and fulfilling workout opportunities.

You’re more likely to keep up with an effective workout routine when fitness feels more like a fun hobby. And fitness is never more fun than it is in Colorado. Countless exciting and rewarding ways to stay active in the Centennial State abound, from Rocky Mountain adventures to incredible fitness communities. Read on to learn more about how to get fit and have fun the Colorado way.

Take a Hike

Regular walks are a great way to start your fitness journey. In Colorado, the best way to start walking is to hit the trails. Plenty of hiking opportunities for people of all skill levels exist, from rugged mountain trails to idyllic meadow paths.

You can choose beginner hikes to help you get started or simply enjoy an easier workout on a low-energy day. Longer trails with higher elevation gain or technical sections can provide a fantastic workout and incredible thrills when you want to push your limits. No matter where your hiking journey takes you, you’re sure to come across jaw-dropping views, beautiful wildlife, and unforgettable adventures along the way.

Ride a Bike

In addition to hiking paths, Colorado is home to thousands of miles of bike trails. That’s why many Coloradans choose mountain biking as their go-to exercise. Biking offers a fantastic cardio workout while also helping you build muscle and improve your stamina. Plus, biking is easier on the joints than high-impact exercises like running.

As with hiking, mountain biking allows you to choose your difficulty level and go at your desired pace. You can explore easier beginner trails or get your heart pumping on intense, technical routes. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy the incredible Colorado scenery wherever you go.

Biking in the City

Mountain biking isn’t the only way to enjoy a cycling workout. Many Coloradans stay fit by swapping their cars for bikes whenever possible. This preference is particularly true in cities like Denver, which has a robust system of bike routes to make commuting safe and convenient for cyclists.

Cycling does more than just give you a great workout. It is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and soak up parts of the city you might otherwise miss.

Visit Red Rocks Amphitheater

A visit to Red Rocks is always worth it—and not just for the concerts. Red Rocks Amphitheater also functions as a fantastic outdoor gym when the park isn’t getting ready for a memorable show. Try tackling the 65 rows of benches that rise 135 feet above the stage. Making your way up and down the amphitheater a few times is more than enough to get your legs burning, whether you’re walking or running. Red Rocks also offers plenty of fitness classes, including morning yoga with Yoga on the Rocks if you’re into group workouts.

Brewery Boot Camp

It doesn’t get more Coloradan than Brewery Boot Camp if you’re looking for ways to get fit and have fun. Founded by personal trainers and craft brewers Lindsay and Paul Chavez, Brewery Boot Camp offers a full-body workout and a fun night out in one convenient program. Experience an expertly designed workout routine with professional instructors right at your favorite craft breweries. After you’ve worked up a sweat among the barrels and vats, unwind and treat yourself to your favorite brew.

Brewery Boot Camp inspires both physical activity and mental wellness. It’s also a great way to connect with an awesome community of people who enjoy the same things you do. With great instructors and fantastic friends going through the program with you, this boot camp is the perfect way to stay motivated and excited about your workouts.

Skiing, Snowboarding, and...Skating?

Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most iconic activities in Colorado. After all, the Centennial State is home to dozens of iconic ski resorts that draw in visitors from across the world. Plus, these winter sports offer a hard but rewarding workout that keeps your entire body in shape. Hitting the slopes is a great way to stay motivated in the middle of winter when working out outside or finding the motivation to drag yourself to the gym is difficult.

But what happens when the ski season is over? Plenty of off-season workouts are available and tailored toward skiers of all skill levels, but one of the best ways to keep up with your skills and your fitness routine is inline skating. Hitting the pavement with a pair of skates works a lot of the same muscles—and even uses many of the same movements—as alpine and cross-country skiing. Plus, skating helps you retain your stamina and your sense of balance in the off-season.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Taking yourself to the gym doesn’t have to be a bore—especially when you’re going to an indoor rock climbing gym. Indoor rock climbing offers a satisfying, full-body workout while also helping you build confidence, problem-solving skills, and more. Plus, like many of Colorado’s best workout routines, indoor rock climbing helps you connect with a thriving community of people who are eager to welcome you to this chapter of your fitness journey.

Most climbing gyms host beginner classes to help you get started, but you can build your skills from there. Every climb is a chance to push your limits and discover what you’re truly capable of.

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Why stop at indoor rock climbing? You’re in Colorado, after all, which means there are also countless places to try your hand at outdoor rock climbing! Clamber up short routes when you go bouldering or gear up with ropes and harnesses for traditional or sports climbing routes. Like with indoor climbing gyms, you can find beginner options—including some guided climbing routes—in many popular rock-climbing destinations.

Hit Up the Water

Some of Colorado’s best activities take place on the water when the weather is warm. Kayaking, canoeing, and rafting are just a few ways to stay active and have some fun in the Centennial State’s many lakes and rivers. Partaking in water activities is a fun and refreshing way to keep up with your fitness routine, whether you go on a day trip in your local area or plan an entire vacation around the water.

No matter where your fitness journey takes you, sport your state pride along the way with Colorado men’s clothing from YoColorado. Bundle up on the slopes in our puffer vests, enjoy the water in our board shorts, and show off our stylish shirts, hats, and more everywhere you go!

How To Get Fit and Have Fun: Colorado Edition

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