Colorado Is Still The Leanest State In The US

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Mississippi is the fattest state for 9th straight year, Colorado still leanest, Arkansas getting fatter, Hawaii slimmer

For 2014 Mississippi has claimed the title of fattest state for the ninth consecutive year, while Colorado continues its streak as the leanest. Alaska rose the most places in the rankings over last year, while California dropped the most, according to a new analysis by CalorieLab, Inc.

Most Obese States

Louisiana and West Virginia changed places with Loisiana rising to second place, with Arkansas and Alabama also changing places, Arkansas rising to fourth place.

Arkansas recorded a three-year obesity percentage average rise of 1.2 percent, while Alaska rose 1.1 percent. Three states’ obesity rates rose 1.0 percent: North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

Thinnest States

Colorado repeats as the slimmest state for the fifth consequtive year. Hawaii unseated the District of Columbia as second slimmest state, a spot D.C. had held for three years.

Ranking and Obesity Changes

Alaska rose the most slots in the rankings for 2014, rising 5 places, while California dropped the most, 5 places.

As mentioned above, Arkansas’s three-year obesity average rose the most, 1.2 percent, while Hawaii’s fell the most, 0.5 percent. Wisconsin’s and Nevada’s averages rose 1.0 percent. Oregon’s average dropped 0.4 percent, while Missouri’s average dropped 0.3 percent. Alabama’s, Florida’s and California’s averages all dropped 0.2 percent.

Regional Obesity by State Trends

In general, states in the West and New England rank lowest in the fattest states rankings, while states in the South and the Rust Belt tend to rank highest.

CalorieLab computed the fattest state rankings for this year based on the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System database maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although the CDC helps to coordinate the collection of state health data, the surveys themselves are planned and carried out by state authorities, not the CDC. The survey design and execution, subject selection, and sample size vary by state. Data from some states may be more reliable than data from others, so this ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. In order to partially address these issues CalorieLab’s rankings use a three-year average in order to smooth out statistical fluctuations.

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