9 Colorado Winter Activities You Have to Try

9 Colorado Winter Activities You Have to Try

9 Colorado Winter Activities You Have to Try

Colorado is a hub for adventurers no matter the season. Whether you are looking for an extreme sport or a way to relax, there is a place for you in this state of winter wonderlands. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy adrenaline rushes, breathtaking views, and the thrill of seeing and trying something new. If you’re looking for an excuse to get out of the house this season, look no further. Pack a bag, bundle up with your favorite Colorado hoodie, and check out these Colorado winter activities you have to try.

Hop on a Snowmobile

From the rush to the views, hopping on a snowmobile is one of the best ways to spend a winter afternoon in Colorado. There are several tours throughout the state that allow you to experience the gorgeous, snow-clad landscape. It doesn’t matter what your experience level is, either. Veteran snowmobilers can get their kicks with a high-speed ride through the mountains. Additionally, less experienced individuals can book a beginner’s tour and get some practice in before departing. There are even tours designed for the entire family to ride. Many locations have well-maintained trails and plenty of open spaces to try your hand at play riding, making it easy to feel like a master by the end of the trip.

Hit the Ice Rink

There’s no shortage of ice-skating rinks in Colorado, and winter is the perfect opportunity to bundle up, lace-up, and enjoy an outdoor rink. If you visit the popular rinks in Denver or other cities, you can also enjoy the nearby shops and cafes. There are also more scenic venues outside of Colorado’s urban areas. For example, Evergreen Lake, located west of Denver, is a beloved spot. These 8.5 acres boast spectacular views of the ice field nestled among pine-covered mountains. After their time on the ice, visitors will enjoy warming up at the massive stone fireplace within the Evergreen Lake House.

Take a Cozy Sleigh Ride

Looking for ideas for the perfect date night? There are few things prettier and more peaceful as a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Take a trip through the charming, historic mountain towns or use this as a way to explore Colorado’s snow-covered meadows and tranquil forests. There are several different opportunities to take a sleigh ride, each with their own perks and amenities. From steamy mugs of hot chocolate to home-cooked dinners, you’ll have no problem finding a sleigh ride that appeals to you.

Sail Down Sledding and Tubing Hills

Choose any direction and start walking—it won’t be long before you find a good sledding or tubing hill. It’s a great alternative for anyone not comfortable on skis—or who just prefers sitting or lying down as they soar down a hill. Most skiing resorts, adventure parks, and other winter attractions have slopes reserved for sledding and tubing. Not only do facilities keep these hills well-maintained, but you’ll also be able to catch a lift back up to the top. This means you can save your energy for more trips down the hill! Whether you’re looking for a thrilling afternoon with the kids or hitting the hills with a group of friends, sledding and tubing are timeless activities anyone can enjoy.

Go Fishing

If you can’t decide between an adrenaline-filled adventure or relaxing among some gorgeous views, then ice fishing is definitely a Colorado winter activity you have to try. Like many of these experiences, there are plenty of opportunities for beginners to try their hand at ice fishing. Venture out onto the ice with a guide and spend a peaceful afternoon learning about the sport. You can stay warm and comfortable by bringing along a chair, heater, and tent to spend time in while you wait for a bite.

Try Cross-country Skiing

For a real alpine adventure, seek out the isolated trails and breathtaking views on your skis. Cross-country skiing is a fantastic way to experience all that the Colorado wilderness has to offer. Sign up for a guided group tour or grab a map and head off on your own. For more experienced skiers, Colorado has multiple hut systems you can travel along during a multi-day adventure. Not a skier at all? Don’t worry—you can also hit the trails with a pair of snowshoes. You can also find lessons and groups for individuals of every experience level throughout the state.

Scale a Wall of Ice

Colorado is a climber’s dream state, and ice climbing is no exception. Come winter, the mountain town of Ouray, Colorado draws thousands of climbers from around the world. The Ouray Ice Park is the perfect venue for masters and beginners. This man-made gorge is free to the public—as long as you bring your own gear. You can also pay for lessons from any number of professionals. If you can, try to visit during the infamous Ouray Ice Festival in January—the perfect event for climbers and spectators alike.

Soak up the Hot Springs

You don’t need to fill every winter day with extreme sports and adrenaline rushes. If you’ve had enough thrills for the season, take yourself to any of Colorado’s stunning natural hot springs. You’ll feel rejuvenated after a day of relaxing in the steamy, soothing waters. Plus, the parks around the springs have plenty of adventure and amenities to offer. You can create the perfect hot springs experience for yourself this winter; from a satisfying hike through the winter wilderness to reach your destination to a luxurious booking at a nearby resort.

Visit the Hiking Trails

A Colorado classic is, of course, the endless miles of mountain trails you can hike. While many mountains and trails close down for the season or during bad weather, there is a fair number that welcomes visitors all year long. Visit the crystal-clear waters of mountain lakes or bring your camera to get some great pictures of the Colorado wildlife. Find a trail that fits your difficulty level and enjoy the crisp winter air as you explore all that Colorado’s winter landscape has to offer.

 Colorado Winter Activities

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