December 05, 2019 2 min read

Celebrating New Year’s Eve: Colorado Style

As the old year closes and a new one arrives, you want to celebrate all that’s happened in the last twelve months. If you’re in Colorado or planning a trip, you’re in luck—some of the most beautiful and exciting festivities happen across the Centennial State. Make the most of the last day of the decade with these ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve Colorado style.


A great destination any time of year, Aspen is a cozy and exciting place to spend New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re staying at the extravagant St. Regis or snuggling up in a vacation rental, you’ll have a great view of the two fireworks shows—at eight and midnight—over Aspen Mountain. Throughout the night, you can also enjoy live music and bonfires. When you wake up New Year’s Day, be sure to keep exploring this gorgeous mountain resort.

Pikes Peak

For a true mountain experience, check out the annual fireworks show over Pikes Peak. The display is visible from almost anywhere in the city, which means you can enjoy the show from your pick of rooftop bars or other cozy venues. If you want to enjoy the midnight countdown in the great outdoors, you can also head to Garden of the Gods, a stunning natural rock garden at the base of the mountain.

Steamboat Springs

The party at Steamboat Springs is a popular celebration for visitors of all ages. From delicious buffets to stand-up comedy, there’s no end to the experiences you can have while waiting for midnight. Families with kids should check out the magic tricks and face painting, while couples can enjoy a gondola ride and champagne toast.

Royal Gorge Route Railroad

One of the greatest ways to explore Colorado is from the train tracks. Royal Gorge Route Railroad is one of the best opportunities to do just that. Spend New Year’s Eve on this luxurious train enjoying a world-class meal and champagne as you follow the same tracks as miners from the Colorado Silver Rush did in the 1870s. At midnight, head to the open-air cars to witness the fireworks in the dazzling night sky.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what the coming year has in store for you, there’s a place for you to ring in the new year. Make the night memorable with our Colorado flag t-shirts and other merchandise, and have a great time celebrating New Year’s Eve Colorado style.

Brad Miller
Brad Miller

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