8 Best Breweries to Visit in Golden, Colorado

8 Best Breweries to Visit in Golden, Colorado

8 Best Breweries to Visit in Golden, Colorado

Colorado is famous for its booming brewery scene, and our hometown of Golden is no exception. From unique flavors to magnificent taprooms, there’s no end to the flavors and experiences you can find in these breweries. Come see what all the excitement is about; grab one of our Colorado t-shirts and check out these best breweries to visit in Golden, Colorado.

Cannonball Creek Brewery

This craft brewery is home to a relaxed atmosphere, rotating tap, and no shortage of awards—including accolades from the Great American Beer Festival that takes place in Denver every autumn. With over 140 seats in the taproom, Cannonball is the perfect place for beer-levels to kick back and relax.

New Terrain Brewing

This brewery honors its name with their motto of exploring new terrain through their brews. Located in a large and gorgeous facility near North Table Mesa, New Terrain is dedicated to quality, innovation, and creativity in their beers.

Colorado Plus Brew Pub

Everyone who walks into Colorado Plus automatically becomes family. This brewery is driven by passion and sustained by hard work and a welcoming atmosphere. With a rotating tap and its use of high quality, local ingredients, it’s easy to see the love of beer that powers every single staff member here.

Golden City Brewery

The second-largest brewery in the city, Golden City prides itself on over 25 years’ worth of quality ales—brewed right in their own home. Spend some time in their backyard beer garden, where you can enjoy live music, delicious food from rotating food trucks, and a taste of their Legendary Red and Pale Ales.

Coors Brewing Company

Coors Brewery was established in 1873 by Adolph Coors, and it’s been a pride of Golden ever since. Visitors can take the Coors Brewery Tour through historic downtown Golden as well as the brewery itself. Just be sure to plan ahead—the ever-popular tour attracts 300,000 people every year, easily making it one of the best breweries to visit in Golden, Colorado.

Holidaily Brewing Company

If you’re gluten-free, it can be hard to find a beer that is both delicious and safe to drink. Founder Karen Hertz knows this all too well, which is why she’s dedicated her Holidaily Brewing Company to providing beers that are both gluten-free and enjoyable. With a knowledge of the process and a policy of zero gluten-containing ingredients, these beers are exclusively gluten-free—and exclusively delicious.

Mountain Toad Brewing

This small microbrewery is all about fresh, handcrafted beers. Whether you want a house standard or an experimental beer, Mountain Toad works hard to provide a place for Golden’s community—locals and visitors alike—to unwind and meet new people.

Coda Brewing Company

A coda is a musical symbol, noting a passage’s end. Coda Brewing Company provides an exceptional pairing of brew and music. Every beer on tap has an audio pairing, creating an exceptional experience to go with the unique beers you can find here.

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