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November 20, 2019 2 min read

Colorado’s Top Winter Hiking Trails

When the cold and snow come along, it’s tempting to want to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy. However, if restlessness gets the better of you, there are plenty of ways to get out of the house and experience the great outdoors. Even in cold weather, these trails are the perfect adventure for your body and mind. Here are Colorado’s top winter hiking trails to try out this season.

Lily Lake – Rocky Mountain National Park

You’re not the only one who gets cabin fever, and if you’re hitting the trails with the whole family, Lily Lake is the place for you. This gorgeous trail is handicap accessible and tends to stay visible throughout the season. That’s why it’s a great trip for pets, families, and visitors of all ages. It’s only a mile-long, but if that’s not enough for you, it’s close to other year-round Rocky Mountain National Park trails you can try.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs – Steamboat Springs

The Strawberry Park Hot Springs is already a popular winter destination, and hiking to it makes the experience even more memorable. It’s a cold and snowy trip, three miles one way, and the hot springs at the end are the perfect destination. Rest easy in the restorative waters, satisfied with the knowledge that you worked hard to get there.

Devil’s Backbone – Loveland

This rock formation looks like—you guessed it—a backbone, which is how it got its name. There are plenty of trails with varying difficulties throughout the area, so the biggest challenge is the distance rather than elevation. With over 12 miles of trails around the area, it’s easy to spend a day wandering around. The freedom to go for a path that is as easy or as difficult as you want is what makes Devil’s Backbone one of Colorado’s top winter hiking trails.

North Table Mesa Trail – Golden

Depending on the timeframe and difficulty level you’re after, there are a few different trails you can take to explore North Table Mountain Park. This mesa is the perfect trip for anyone near the Denver area who needs a quick outdoor getaway. While climbing the trails, be on the lookout for the deer, golden eagles, and other wildlife that make their home in the area. Once you reach the top, don’t forget to stop and take in the stunning view overlooking the entire metropolitan area.

Chasm Lake – Rocky Mountain National park

There is nothing quite as rewarding as a stunning mountain lake, hidden at the end of a hard trail. After an eight-and-a-half-mile hike, that’s exactly what Chasm Lake delivers. Visitors attempting this trail will start at the ranger station at Longs Peak—one of Colorado’s toughest mountains to climb. From here they’ll travel up steep, challenging terrain to reach the top, but the gorgeous views and the sense of accomplishment are more than worth it.

Your adventurous spirit doesn’t stop just because it’s cold outside, and neither should you. Pack a water bottle, bundle up with your favorite Colorado t-shirt and sweatshirt, and hit these trails for the perfect wintertime adventure.

Brad Miller
Brad Miller

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