3 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids in Colorado

3 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids in Colorado

Taking a vacation or day trip with little ones in tow can be daunting or delightful, depending on where you go. Lower stamina and shorter attention spans mean kids don’t always appreciate the fun family trips you have planned. Luckily, Colorado is full of fascinating attractions that all children—including your own inner child—can enjoy. Check out these fun things to do with your kids in Colorado.

Visit the Children’s Museum of Denver

Colorado is full of incredible museums for the whole family. From dinosaurs to railroads, these attractions spark joy and wonder while teaching kids something new. However, there’s only one museum that revolves entirely around young children. The Children’s Museum of Denver holds exhibits, parks, and playscapes that speak specifically to children. Little visitors can explore child-sized exhibits, such as the mini fire station, kitchen, and veterinarian clinic. Young scientists will thrive at investigation stations where they can learn more about energy, physics, and more. There are even baby-friendly exhibits where young parents can unwind and spend some quality time with their little ones.

Find Your Holiday Spirit at the North Pole Colorado

Who says Christmas has to happen in December? Just outside of Colorado Springs is Colorado’s very own North Pole, where visitors can celebrate the holiday season from May until December. The North Pole – Santa’s Workshop is an old-school amusement park. Here, you’ll find fun rides, delicious foods, and Old Saint Nick himself. You can also see a magic show, say hello to the animals in the petting zoo, or chat with one of Santa’s elves around the park. All the wonders and attractions keep that wholesome Christmas spirit alive all year round, making the North Pole one of the most fun things to do with your kids in Colorado.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Hammonds Candy Factory

Experience the joy of a kid in a candy store at Hammonds Candy Factory, an iconic family business located in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Inside, you’ll find 150 candymakers handcrafting beautiful, sweet treats. A tour of the factory will show you some of the business’s fascinating history. You’ll also get a peek behind the curtain as you watch the candymakers hard at work. Witness the elegant process of stirring, twisting, and slicing candy canes into their iconic shape.

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