3 Amazing Attractions to Visit When in Colorado

3 Amazing Attractions to Visit When in Colorado

Every state has its own set of parks, monuments, and incredible views to brag about. Colorado is no exception. An endless expanse of jaw-dropping landscapes, fascinating historical remnants, and unforgettable vacation destinations greets you from the moment you step foot in the state. The only question is where you want to begin. As you plan your next trip, consider stopping by these amazing attractions to visit when in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park

There’s a reason people picture the Rocky Mountains when they think of Colorado. If you’re going to spend time in the Centennial State, why not enjoy some of it in the mountains? Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect place to explore Colorado’s higher elevations. With iconic wildlife, a plethora of hiking trails, and over 100 stunning mountain peaks, the park has something spectacular for everyone—no matter how many times you keep coming back.

Dinosaur National Monument

Many of the amazing attractions to visit when in Colorado revolve around the state’s rich history. Images of legendary cowboys or Old West mining towns might come to mind, but some of the most fascinating parts of Colorado’s history are far older than that. That’s why visitors flock to the enthralling remains on display at the Dinosaur National Monument. Explore the excavation-like Quarry Exhibit Hall, inspect petroglyphs from the people who inhabited the area thousands of years ago, and marvel at the dinosaur remains still embedded in exposed rock walls throughout the park.

Colorado National Monument

Between the towns of Grand Junction and Fruita—each extremely popular in its own right—lies a stunning, picturesque landscape of the American West. Colorado National Monument features awe-inspiring scenery of massive rock spires, cliff faces, and desert-like red rock canyons. Take Rim Rock Drive for a scenic drive through the area. Alternatively, take your pick of the numerous day hikes through the monument. Be sure to stop at the lookouts to experience a full and thrilling view of the area.

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