Limited Edition Open Hearts Collection Rope Hat


We are thrilled to unveil an extraordinary Open Hearts collaboration between celebrated visual artist Pat Milbery and YoColorado, built upon a shared belief of opening our hearts to the transformative power of nature and the incredible impact it has on our mental health.

This limited edition hat features a heart embroidered with nature-inspired colors. The sky blue and geometric patterns symbolize boundless possibilities, while the accents of golden and fuchsia represent the awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets that grace Colorado's skies. These colors capture the essence of nature's most exquisite moments, serving as a vivid reminder of the incredible beauty that surrounds us when our hearts are open to it. 

Our Open Hearts Collection is more than just a fashion statement. It's a tribute to the boundless beauty of the great outdoors and a call to action, challenging each of us to ask, "What else can we do to leave a real impact and a positive perspective?" The Open Hearts Movement encourages us to recognize the mental health benefits of time spent in nature, no matter where we find it, and to preserve our outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy and benefit from, always.

A portion of the proceeds from the Open Hearts Collection supports SOS Outreach. This partnership reinforces our commitment to nature's transformative power and fostering connections. By harnessing the power of outdoor experiences, mentorship and adventure sports, SOS Outreach engages youth in a transformative journey towards personal growth, leadership development, and community connection. 


One Size Fits Most Adults.


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