What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Colorado

What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Colorado

'What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Colorado

If you’re looking for a summertime adventure, Colorado is the place to go. On any given year, you can find the Centennial State bustling with concerts and festivals all season long. Even now, with COVID-19 postponing or canceling many summer plans, the state’s campgrounds, hiking trails, and other great outdoor areas are open for you to safely explore. However, a successful Colorado trip starts by packing the right stuff. Make sure you have everything you need with this list of what to pack for a summer trip to Colorado.

Hiking Backpack

A good outdoor adventure requires a sturdy, comfortable backpack to help you carry your gear. When you spend long hours out on the trails, you need a pack that keeps your gear in reach without putting extra strain on your body. Look for an even weight distribution and durable material that can hold up throughout your adventures. Once you have the right backpack, you must fill it with the right gear. A reusable water bottle, sunscreen, and a first aid kit are must-haves for any outdoor excursion—especially in sunny Colorado.

Comfortable Shoes

A comfortable backpack might only be a requirement if you’re hitting the trails, but comfortable shoes should be on your list of what to pack for a summer trip to Colorado no matter what. Whether you’re exploring the city or climbing up mountains, a good pair of shoes can get you where you want to go. If you do plan on hiking or camping, make sure you choose a waterproof pair. You might also want to pack sandals for those days spent by the beautiful rivers or lakes scattered through Colorado’s parks and trails.

Don’t Forget the Layers

With 300 days of sunshine a year, Colorado has exceptional weather in the summer. However, you still have to account for elevation changes during your visit. If you plan on camping or visiting the mountains—or if you just want to be better prepared—make sure you bring along plenty of layers. Start with your favorite Colorado t-shirts, add a light jacket for visiting mountain peaks, and bring along some warmer clothes for any overnight camping excursions. Don’t take that sunshine for granted, either. Stay safe by packing hats and sunglasses to keep your skin and eyes safe from the bright sun.

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