What To Do at Colorado Ski Resorts in the Summertime

What To Do at Colorado Ski Resorts in the Summertime

When you think of ski resorts, you think of snow-capped mountains, sparkling white forests, and miles and miles of fun, frigid ski trails. All of those things disappear in the summer, but that doesn’t mean ski resorts are boring and barren. In fact, summer is one of the best times to book a stay at one of Colorado’s incredible mountain resorts. Fill your summer vacation with this exciting list of what to do at Colorado ski resorts in the summertime.

Swap Your Skis for a Bike

Soaring down a mountain on your skis isn’t possible in the summer, but you can still race down the trails on a bike. Once the snow melts away, many ski resorts open their bike trails for beginners and experts alike. Take it easy and enjoy the views on a casual course, or test your mettle through the bumps and twists of a more advanced cross-country trail.

Get Your Thrills on Zip Lines, Coasters, and More

If you’re in the mood for summer thrills, Colorado’s ski resorts have more than enough opportunities for you. Get a close-up view of the mountains while flying down a zip line, throwing your hands in the air on an alpine coaster, or making your way along an aerial bridge. Whether you’re looking for the best scenic views or the rush of a lifetime, you'll always find something to do at Colorado ski resorts in the summertime.

Don’t Forget the Shopping

No trip is complete without a little shopping spree. There are endless diverse and fascinating shops in and around Colorado’s ski resorts. Pick up biking gear, stock up on souvenirs, or explore hand-crafted pieces from local artisans. While you’re in town, remember to check out YoColorado and see the colorful, stylish options in stock at your favorite Colorado clothing store.

Enjoy Unforgettable Gondola Views

Want the great views without the heart-pounding thrills? Take it easy on a scenic gondola ride further up the mountain. Some resorts even have lifts to the summit. Sit back and relax while the mountain rolls by beneath you. Gondola rides are great for romantic dates, wholesome family fun, or photo ops with your friends.

The fun doesn’t stop when you reach the top, though. Many resorts have beautiful dining areas as well as sunset happy hours so that you can enjoy a gorgeous dining experience with some of the best views in the state.

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