April 19, 2022 2 min read

Souvenirs are a great way to remember all the amazing places you’ve been and the incredible adventures you’ve had. It’s natural to want to show off those experiences once you’re home. How do you naturally incorporate your souvenirs into your existing décor without going over the top? There are plenty of clever and crafty ideas you can use to show off your tickets, photographs, trinkets, and more. Check out these three ways to display your travel souvenirs at home.

Get Crafty

The easiest way to display your souvenirs is to turn them into classy home décor. You can use a variety of craft projects to turn a cluster of old postcards, keychains, and other travel memories into a gorgeous, magazine-worthy display.

If you have a lot of paper souvenirs or memories—like tickets, photos, and other items—try putting them together in a scrapbook that you can pull out and look at any time. Alternatively, arrange your souvenirs into a shadow box that you can hang on the wall. If you have bigger souvenirs that won’t fit in a frame or book, you can decorate a memory box to hold all your favorite travel memories.

Reserve Shelf Space

Sometimes, it takes is a dedicated space and an eye for attractive arrangements to make your souvenirs stand out. Try reserving part of your bookshelf just for your travel souvenirs. Arrange them on the shelf alongside other travel-related décor.

You can group your souvenirs by trip or dedicate a shelf or cubby to each vacation. If you don’t have room on your existing shelves, you can buy floating shelves or cubby systems to show off your favorite souvenirs.

Buy Souvenirs You Can Wear

One of the more unique ways to display your travel souvenirs at home is to buy souvenirs that you can wear. When you can put on a shirt or hat that has a beloved destination emblazoned on it, you’ll take the memory of your vacation anywhere you go. Alternatively, choose decorative souvenirs like patches or stickers that you can use to customize bags, laptops, jackets, and more. These souvenirs will serve as fond reminders of your trip and all the good memories you made.

Looking for the perfect souvenir to immortalize your Colorado trip? YoColorado sells colorful and stylish Colorado patches that you can display any way you’d like. Customize your bags, stick your patch into a scrapbook, or display it on a shelf with other souvenirs. No matter how you stylize your souvenir collection, you’ll always have a way to look back on the memory of your trip.

Brad Miller
Brad Miller

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