Want to Go Paddle Boarding In Denver? These Are The Best Spots

Want to Go Paddle Boarding In Denver? These Are The Best Spots

Want to Go Paddle Boarding In Denver? These Are The Best Spots

A woman pulling a paddle board to shore after a day of paddle boarding in Denver

Don’t have all day to head to the mountains? You don’t have to leave the city to enjoy some quality time outside. Between Bear Creek Lake to Aurora Reservoir, you’re sure to enjoy one of these great spots to go paddle boarding in Denver.

Searching for a spot to dive into the water close to home? Luckily, the Mile High City is home to some great spots for paddle boarding. It’s just one of the many perks of living in Denver! So grab your paddle board and a couple cold drinks, and beat the heat at one of these spots for paddle boarding in Denver.

The Best Spots For Paddle Boarding In Denver

Chatfield Lake State Park

On the south side of Denver, Chatfield Lake State Park is a paradise for paddle boarding in Denver. With several lakes and lots of water to choose from, you’ll enjoy a calm day on the water. If you don’t have your own paddle board, you can rent one at Gravel Pond. You can enjoy the facilities with an $8 day pass, or a valid State Park Pass.

Sloan’s Lake

Yes- you can paddle board on Sloan’s Lake! From April to November, Sloan’s Lake is open for paddle boarding in Denver, free of charge. You will need to bring your own paddle board though (or, rent one in Denver).

Bear Creek Lake Park

Right on the edge of the foothills, paddle boarding in Bear Creek Lake Park is popular for good reason. You’ll enjoy an out-of-the-city feeling thanks to the surrounding mountains, while still being close to home. This area has on-site paddle board rentals, but you will need to pay a day-pass fee or bring a valid State Park Pass.

Cherry Creek Reservoir

For those that live near Aurora, try out a day of paddle boarding at Cherry Creek Reservoir. You won’t have to beat traffic, which will give you more time to enjoy the water. Bring your own paddle board, or rent one for the day at the reservoir. A $9 pass is required to enjoy the reservoir.

Washington Park 

This green getaway in Denver is already a favorite of runners and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a nature fix. Now you can enjoy it on your paddle board. However, you’ll need to stick to Smith Lake. Bring your own paddle board or rent one ahead of time to enjoy the day.

Aurora Reservoir

Another great option for those on the east side of Denver is Aurora Reservoir. You can rent paddle boards on-site between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Enjoy tranquil waters and easy access right in Denver!

Clear Creek, Golden

Up for a bit of a challenge? You can paddle board down the part of Clear Creek that runs through Golden! Floating down the beautiful Clear Creek Canyon is sure to get you a nature fix. But be warned- this isn’t flat water! With a few mild rapid sections, you’ll want to feel confident on your paddle board (or risk an unexpected and chilly dip in the water).

Evergreen Lake

Just a short drive up I-70 is peaceful Evergreen Lake. In the summer, you’ll find it bustling with families and friends enjoying the sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures. Bring your paddle board along, or rent one from Evergreen Parks + Rec when you get there. If you bring your own, you’ll be charged a $4 recreation fee (trust us, it’s worth it!).

Want To Test Some New Skills? Try Paddle Boarding Yoga

The tranquil lake waters that you’ll find in Denver are a great place to try out a new challenge. Even if you’re not a yogi, trying out some paddle board yoga might surprise you. And if you are a yogi- you’ll find a fun challenge at your fingertips. Try these three poses to get started.

Easy Paddle Board Yoga: Child’s Pose

If you’ve taken a yoga class, you’re probably already well acquainted with Child's Pose. This relaxing pose is a great way to enjoy the relaxing benefits of yoga while you’re on the water.  And, if you’re still shaky standing up on your paddle board, this pose will keep you in your comfort zone, close to the board. To start, bring yourself to a seat on your heels. Then, spread your knees apart (almost to the edges of the paddle board), and bring your big toes to touch behind you. From there, slowly ease your arms straight in front of your, and let your forehead rest on the board. Take a deep breath and enjoy the gentle stretch. Just try not to fall asleep on the water!

Intermediate Paddle Board Yoga: Warrior II

Feeling up for a little balance challenge? If you feel comfortable standing up on your paddle board, you’re ready to add Warrior II into your paddle board yoga practice. Start standing on the paddle board with your feet hip-distance apart. Then, walk your feet apart into a lunge position. Keep your front foot facing forward, and turn your back foot out, so it parallel with the back of the paddle board. Feeling steady? Bring your arms out to a T, and gaze over your front fingertips. Make sure to try the other side, too!

Challenging Paddle Board Yoga: Crow Pose

We see you- the one that’s cruising through choppy water on your paddle board! This challenging paddle board yoga pose is for you. Many people struggle getting into Crow Pose on their yoga mats, but we know you can handle it on your paddle board. To start, get into a deep squat with your feet close together. Remember- balance is key, especially when you’re on a paddle board. Make sure that you’re near the middle of your paddle board, or you might fall off-balance easier than you’d like. From the squat, bring your arms in front of you, and plant your palms firmly on the paddle board. Then, tuck your knees in under your armpits, and squeeze your body in. Haven’t fallen over yet? Here’s the big challenge. Play with lifting one foot, then the other, until you’re balancing only on your hands. If you master it, you might just be a paddle board yoga pro!

A woman doing paddle board yoga in denver

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