The Taste of Colorado: What You Can Expect To See

The Taste of Colorado: What You Can Expect To See

Every year, Colorado hosts dozens of fun and exciting festivals to celebrate a vast range of traditions, businesses, and passions. A Taste of Colorado is one part of this proud tradition. Every year over Labor Day, restaurants, food trucks, and other food vendors from across the state flock to Denver to show off their best menu items. Combine the great flavors with local music, art, and more, and festivalgoers are sure to have the time of their lives. This year, the festival takes place from September 4 through September 6. Discover what the weekend has in store for you this year with this rundown of what you can expect to see at A Taste of Colorado in 2021.

A Triumphant Return

Like many events, A Taste of Colorado took a break in 2020 due to the pandemic. Now that the festival is back, guests and participants alike are determined to make it better than ever before. One of the biggest changes is the festival’s location. This year, A Taste of Colorado is taking over downtown. You can find the lively array of vendors, food trucks, music stages, and more in the 16th Street Mall.

Get a Taste

What can you expect to see at A Taste of Colorado this year? While a lot goes down at this festival, the main attraction is always the food. A Taste of Colorado is all about supporting local food businesses. From your favorite bustling food trucks to the best breweries in town, there’s a vendor to satisfy any craving you might have.

Celebrating Colorado businesses has always been important, but it’s become even more significant over the past year. A Taste of Colorado exists to highlight Colorado cuisine and the passionate souls behind it. After a year of uncertainty and social distancing, gathering with the community to support and celebrate local businesses is more important than ever before.

Experience All That Colorado Has To Offer

You can sample more than just food when you spend the weekend exploring A Taste of Colorado. Local musicians will grace the stage throughout the weekend. You can also take a stroll down the Urban Art Adventure Walk, which features work by local and regional artists. The festival is also home to the Kidszone and other fun activities for visitors of all ages.

A Taste of Colorado features some of the best Colorado culture you can find. Celebrate with us by gearing up with your favorite Colorado merch and exploring the tastes, talents, and passions of this year’s phenomenal participants.

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