From Trucker Hats For Men to Classic Beanies: Top 12 Colorado Hat Styles

Trucker hats for men

From Trucker Hats For Men to Classic Beanies: Top 12 Colorado Hat Styles

In this state, hats are a big deal. From the best trucker hats for men to pure-fun styles like rainbow hats or a flamingo beanie, we’re sharing the 12 Colorado hat styles that never seem to go out of style.

A good hat is a staple of any Coloradans wardrobe. Beyond the essential function of protecting your face from the harsh mountain sunburns, the right style will keep your eyes clear from harsh light when driving, stop rain or snow, and of course, show your Colorado pride. Luckily, the western states are much more laid-back when it comes to style, so you can wear your favorite hat almost anywhere in Colorado without raising eyebrows. Read on to find your next favorite Colorado hat!

Top 12 Colorado Hat Styles

A Classic Colorado Baseball Cap

From covering up bad hair days to staying covered on long hikes, it’s impossible to go wrong with a good old Colorado baseball cap. Our favorite Colorado baseball cap has a light, vintage design that allows it to go with anything. A slightly curved bill will keep the sides of your eyes free from the sun, even on super-sunny days.

The Telluride Trucker Hat

Ah, Telluride. It’s one of the most famous mountain towns in the Centennial State thanks to it’s stunning scenery and eclectic arts and music scene. The Telluride Trucker Hat celebrates the hardcore ski lines that await in and around the Telluride ski resort with a charcol and black color pallete. A bright Colorado C patch makes sure you won’t be missed on the mountain.

Rainbow Hats For All Ages

It’s hard to visit a trailhead in Colorado without seeing this famous hat style. The fader stripes of the YoColorado rainbow hats are a favorite of all ages. Bright colors, an iconic Colorado C embroidered patch, and a mesh back panel for breathability makes this hat perfect for any mountain adventure. Little ones tend to love the full-on rainbow hats, while the older crowd also enjoys more muted tones like the wanderlust fader hat. You really can’t go wrong with one of these fun and functional rainbow hats.

A Favorite: The Colorado Vintage Hat

This monochrome style is never out of place at a Colorado event. Those that prefer the Colorado baseball hat style will want to add this to their collection. The black and white coloring lets you stay under the radar while still showing your Colorado pride.

Colorado State Flag Hat

A hat style that will surely never go out of style. The Colorado State Flag Hat is another one that you’ll likely see in any crowd out west. Carefully embroidered to showcase the colorful design of the state flag, this hat keeps it casual and looks particularly great on the summit of any fourteener!

Cork Trucker Hat For Men

This unique flatbill trucker hat style is soon to be your favorite style. Featuring eco-friendly cork on the cork front panel, it stands out from the crowd with simple, natural colors. Ideal for those that want to try a different Colorado hat style, but would rather stay away from bright colors. The larger flatbill will keep the sun out of your eyes better than most.

Trucker Hats For Men: The Vintage Range Style

Haven’t you heard? The 70’s are back! Vintage style is more popular than ever, especially in Colorado. And the vintage range trucker hat is right on-trend. Featuring soft, slightly faded mesh and cozy fabric, this hat style has an effortlessly cool look. The old-school front logo speaks for itself, and it looks particularly good when paired with this vest.

Colorado Winter Hats

Name one thing that’s more iconic to winter in the mountains than a fuzzy beanie. When the cold weather hits, keep warm in these Colorado winter hats made to protect you from the elements. And don’t worry- if you’re not a fan of beanies, there’s still a Colorado winter hat style waiting for you.

Womens Slouch Beanie

Tired of those tight-fitting beanies that make your hair flatter than a pancake? The womens slouch beanie style elevates the look of a Colorado beanie without sacrificing warmth. With a pre-set slouch back design, this womens beanie will give you a laid-back look every time you wear it.

Flamingo Beanie

Ready for some fun? Coloradans love to bring some tropical flair into even the coldest days. Scour the lines of any ski resort this winter and you’re sure to see more than one Hawaiian shirt. The best Colorado hat styles share some of that ironic flair, too. The flamingo beanie keeps the tropical feeling, but makes it just a little more seasonally appropriate thanks to cozy fabric that’ll offer toasty warmth all day (and night) long.

The Rainbow Mountain Beanie

Brighten up even the dreariest days with the Rainbow Mountain Beanie. A Colorful argyle design will keep you visible through the snow during ski runs and is a great choice for winter hot springs visits, too.

Fleece-Lined Hat

Beanies not your thing? Rather than freezing all winter in your classic trucker hat, try out an up and coming Colorado hat style. The light fleece lining will insulate your head while still keeping the trucker hat design that you like. And on particularly cold days, use the ear flaps to protect yourself from the chill. 

Quilted Five-Panel Hat

The five-panel hat style is out in force, and it’s particularly popular here in Colorado. This quilted style takes it up a notch. A special design adds warmth during fall and winter so you can keep the style you love, and add just enough insulation to help you enjoy first tracks every day.

Whether you’re steadfast in your love of trucker hats for men, or new to the world of hats, we hope that this guide to the best Colorado hat styles helps you find your new favorite piece of headwear.

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