Top Mountain Biking Trails in Colorado

Top Mountain Biking Trails in Colorado

Top Mountain Biking Trails in Colorado

If you like your glorious views with a side of adrenaline, mountain biking is the perfect sport for you. This is one of the best ways to experience Colorado’s many trails: blood pumping, wind in your hair, speeding fearlessly through the wilderness. Plus, when it comes to stellar mountain biking routes, you can’t beat the thrills and scenery that Colorado’s best trails have to offer. No matter what your skill level is, there’s a memorable experience waiting for you and your bike at these top mountain biking trails in Colorado.

If you plan on hitting the trails this summer, make sure you plan ahead and follow all health and safety measures surrounding COVID-19. Check the park and trail availability before you leave to make sure the area is open. Keep practicing social distancing while you’re out on the trails. You should also try to visit early in the day or during other off hours to help ensure that crowds do not form on the trails. By respecting the rules and guidelines set forth by the parks and government, you help keep these trails a safe place for yourself and your fellow mountain biking enthusiasts.

Beginner Trails

Like many of Colorado’s outdoor activities, there are plenty of opportunities for beginner mountain bikers throughout the state. These trails are the perfect place to test your wheels or bring along younger family members for their first ride. If you want to hop on and try your hand at cycling, these trails are the perfect pick for you.

Boreas Pass – Breckenridge

If you want the gorgeous mountain views without the difficult ascent, check out Boreas Pass. This trail starts on a wide road that used to be a narrow-gauge rail bed. It then narrows as it winds through the mountain forests. Along the way, you’ll pass unique relics from Colorado’s mining history, like a round house and an old water tank. Boreas Pass is an easy ride that offers bikers a glimpse of Colorado’s glory without too much struggle—the perfect place to spark your biking passion.

Pineridge Loop – Fort Collins

Located in Pineridge Natural Area just outside Fort Collins, the Foothills – Pineridge Loop is popular among bikers, hikers, and horseback riders. This leisurely ride takes you over rolling hills, through the prairie, and past Dixon Reservoir, making it a beautifully serene choice among the top mountain biking trails in Colorado. Enjoy the gently swaying grass and endless blue sky around you. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some of the area’s wildlife—including prairie dogs popping their heads up to watch you pass.

Shadow Pine Loop – Conifer

This trail gets its name from the fact most of the trail is in shade. Follow the path up a gentle ascent—the perfect practice for harder trails—then down a rushing incline that’s almost entirely free of obstacles. This is a great path to build your skills while avoiding the burning sun or any serious technical features. You’ll also enjoy the serenity of soaring through the woods. Try coming in springtime, when the area is bursting with color from the freshly bloomed wildflowers.

Intermediate Trails

Are you ready to step up your game? If you’re looking for a longer or more challenging ride, these trails are the perfect middle ground before hitting the expert routes. When you want to push yourself a little harder or simply experience something new, check out these intermediate level trails.

Buffalo Creek – Pine

Not far from Denver lies Buffalo Creek, one of the state’s most popular mountain biking trails. This secluded loop takes bikers through a gorgeous range of scenery, from rock formations to pine forests, with plenty of mountain views in between. The long, steady climbs of this trail lead to satisfying downhill rides, while hairpin turns and rocky trails give a rush of adrenaline to the ride.

Evergreen Mountain Loop – Evergreen

Tour the beautiful Alderfer/Three Sisters Park with this exciting loop. The trail will have you climbing over 1400 feet as you visit different sections of the park, including the iconic sight of the Three Sisters formation. You might even be fortunate enough to catch sight of Evergreen Mountain’s abundant wildlife, including deer and elk. Evergreen Mountain Loop is part of a system of trails, so you can experience something new every time you visit.

The Boneyard – Eagle

This technical trail begins with a steady, winding climb through thick forest. After a brief open area, you’ll dive into fields of sagebrush and juniper trees. Throughout the Boneyard you’ll experience plenty of short climbs and speedy descents. The experience ends with a thrilling climb around a rocky knoll before leveling out at Bellyache Road. The Boneyard is full of switchbacks and rollercoaster rises and falls, making it a fun experience for any rider looking for a technical challenge.

Advanced Trails

Are you a more experienced biker looking for something to really test your limits? It might be time for you to hit the advanced trails. Tackle the wilderness and soar down mountainsides with some of Colorado’s most challenging mountain biking trails.

Zippity-Doo-Da – Fruita

You’ll have a wonderful day when you spend it on this trail. Zippity-Doo-Da takes mountain bikers for a fierce joy ride over steep, swooping hills. Test your skills on the intense climbs and technical singletrack. As you enjoy this rollercoaster of a ride, you’ll also get a glorious view of the Bookcliffs rock formation.

Monarch Crest Trail – Salida

With over 30 miles of high-altitude trail, Monarch Crest tests the endurance of its bikers. After a smooth, flat beginning and a quick ascent, the trail turns into a thrilling challenge of trees, roots, and rock formations. The trail reaches its peak at nearly 12,000 feet, after which you’ll dive into an exhilarating descent over more rock formations.

Colorado Trail – Silverton to Durango

If you really want a challenge, try tackling the long-distance Colorado Trail that stretches from Silverton to Durango. This nearly 500-mile adventure takes you through some of the state’s most jaw-dropping scenery. Tackle steep climbs as you summit multiple mountain passes. While the Colorado Trail isn’t the most technical, it’ll test your endurance and determination as you traverse across the state.

No matter what your experience level is, these trails are the perfect place to spend a thrilling afternoon. While you’re out experiencing the joys of Colorado’s biking trails, be sure to stay safe and sport your state pride with our t-shirts, masks and other Colorado apparel.

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