Tips To Help You Prepare for a Major Colorado Snowstorm

Tips To Help You Prepare for a Major Colorado Snowstorm

It's that time of year again when Colorado locals brace themselves for the inevitable: snowstorms. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to preparing for a big storm, we've put together eight tips to help you prepare for a major Colorado snowstorm and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Fill Your Car With Gasoline

If you're a Colorado resident, then you know that snowstorms can happen anytime without warning. That's why it's important to prepare by filling your car with gasoline before the storm hits. This way, you'll be less likely to run into problems if you need to travel during the storm.

On top of that, having a full tank of gas will also help keep your car engine running smoothly in cold weather. An empty gas tank makes it easier for condensation to build up and freeze in low temperatures. If ice blocks your fuel lines, it can prevent your car from starting, leaving you stranded in the cold.

So next time a snowstorm is heading your way, make sure to fill up your gas tank beforehand! You'll keep your engine safe and give yourself peace of mind whenever you get behind the wheel.

Charge All of Your Electronic Devices

One of the worst parts about being stuck in a snowstorm is that it can cut you off from the outside world. However, if you make sure to charge all your electronic devices before the storm hits, you can stay safe, connected, and entertained even if the power goes out.

Keep your phone fully charged so that you can stay in touch with family and friends. Make sure to have a backup battery or portable charger on hand in case your phone runs out of power. Similarly, ensure you fully charge your laptop so that you can work remotely, visit news and weather websites, or watch movies when the power is out. Finally, don't forget to charge any other devices you might need, such as flashlights, radios, and handheld game consoles.

Stock Up on Food and Water

It’s always a good idea to have some food and water on hand in case you get snowed in. The first step is to stock up on non-perishable items like canned goods, dry goods, and snacks that’ll last for several days. It’s also a good idea to have at least a gallon of water per person per day.

If you have pets, make sure to have extra food and water for them as well. Once you have your supplies, you need to keep everything in a safe, dry, easily accessible place so that you can grab it whenever you need to.

Gather Blankets and Firewood

If the power goes out, you need a plan to stay warm inside your house. One way to create one is to make sure you have extra blankets and pillows. This will help you stay warm and comfortable if the temperatures drop suddenly. It's also good to keep a flashlight and a few candles handy so that you have light in a power outage. And if you have a fireplace, stock up on wood to keep warm and cook food with it if necessary. By taking some simple precautions, you can weather any storm in the comfort of your home.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Winter Clothes

One simple yet essential tip when preparing for a major Colorado snowstorm is to stock up on warm clothes. Go through your closet and check that you have the essentials that’ll enable you to stay warm when the cold weather hits. This is also a great opportunity to get YoColorado’s warm, stylish, and comfortable Colorado men’s apparel or women’s apparel.

A heavy coat, insulated pants, and waterproof boots are essential for keeping your body temperature regulated in cold weather. You should have a hat and scarf on hand to protect your head and face from the wind and snow as well.

Layering is the key to staying cozy in cold weather, so make sure you have thermal base layers, sweaters and sweatshirts, and other pieces that you can layer to stay comfortable. You can ensure that you'll stay warm and dry all winter long when you’re mindful of the clothes you own.

Keep an Emergency Kit on Hand

When a snowstorm hits, the last thing you want to do is go out in the cold to search for supplies. That's why it's important to keep an emergency kit stocked with everything you might need to stay safe and warm in bad weather. This way, if you lose power or you find yourself stranded, you'll be prepared.

Every kit will be different, but some useful items to include are a flashlight (with extra batteries), a first-aid kit, a map of the area, hand warmers, and other warm accessories. You may also want to include a radio so that you can stay informed about weather and road conditions. And don't forget your cell phone charger!

Take the time to put together an emergency kit now before you need it.

Get Ice Melt, Shovels, and Salt for Your Driveway

Snowstorms can be beautiful, but dealing with the aftermath is a pain without the right equipment. Therefore, stock up on shovels, salt, and other supplies to safely clear your driveway and other walkways.

First, make sure you have plenty of ice melt on hand. Ice melt will help to keep your driveway and walkways clear of ice and snow. Second, invest in a good shovel if you don’t already have one. A sturdy shovel will make it much easier to clear snow from your property. Lastly, get salt to help melt ice and prevent it from refreezing.

Monitor the Weather and Make an Emergency Plan

A winter storm can create a number of challenges. However, thinking and acting ahead of time can make a big difference. It's vital to monitor the weather forecast and be aware of estimated accumulation, the storm’s predicted movement, and other details.

You can also benefit from having a backup plan in place in case the power goes out. Find a local shelter or make a plan with neighbors or nearby loved ones so that you have a place to go if necessary. By looking ahead and readying yourself for the worst, you can stay safe during the worst of Colorado’s weather.

Tips To Help You Prepare for a Major Colorado Snowstorm

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