December 14, 2022 2 min read

Hiking is an incredible pastime that helps you stay active, soak up incredible views, enjoy the fresh air, stay social, or just have some quiet time to yourself. It’s no wonder why so many people pick up hiking as a hobby, especially in Colorado, where you can find breathtaking and exciting trails at every experience level.

If you want to try it for yourself, though, you should know a few things before hitting the trail. Make your first trip a success with these essential tips and tricks for first-time hikers.

Avoid Going in Blind

One of the worst mistakes first-time hikers can make is setting out with no idea about where they’re heading. Make sure you know what to expect when you’re on the trail. Read up on how to get to the trailhead, where the hike will take you, and any advice that hiking guides have to offer.

You should also brush up on the area’s rules to ensure you stay safe and responsible while out on the trail. Finally, bring a map of the trail or local area, and make sure you know how to read it before you set out.

Dress for the Occasion

Your outfit can make all the difference when you’re in the wilderness. If you want to stay safe and comfortable, make sure you dress for the weather, wear durable and comfortable shoes, and accessorize with hats and sunglasses for sun protection. In cold weather, you can use YoColorado’s Colorado flag accessories, such as face masks or neck gaiters, to stay warm.

Use the Buddy System

Hiking with a friend can make the entire experience more enjoyable. It’s also safer to use the buddy system, especially if you’re exploring unfamiliar trails. Even if you decide to hike solo, you should let a friend know where you’re going and your estimated timeline. This means someone else will know where you are and can check up on you if you need it or if something goes wrong.

Don’t Be Ashamed of Beginner Trails

Everyone has to start somewhere. For first-time hikers, that usually means sticking to easy, beginner-level trails. One of the biggest tips if you’re a first-time hiker is to cater to your own skill level. There’s nothing wrong with avoiding long routes, steep elevations, or technical climbs for now. After all, you want to enjoy your hike instead of spending the entire time exhausted and miserable.

Don’t worry about missing out on all the good views, either. Beginner trails still take you through plenty of breathtaking landscapes. This is especially true when you’re exploring the trails in Colorado!

Karen Williams
Karen Williams

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