Tips on Layering Clothes for Outdoor Winter Activities

Tips on Layering Clothes for Outdoor Winter Activities

Winter is a great season for outdoor activities, with many opportunities for skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, and much more. However, the cold weather can be a challenge as well, making it essential to dress appropriately and master the art of layering your clothes.

Layering is more than just throwing a coat over your shirt. To effectively and safely protect against the cold, you need to pay attention to the kinds of materials that make up your layers and how they work together to keep you warm. Discover some tips on effectively layering clothes for all your favorite outdoor winter activities.

Keep Your Base Layer Dry

Prioritize moisture-wicking materials for the base layer, as these will wick sweat away from your skin and prevent moisture from freezing against you and rapidly lowering your body temperature. Remember, staying dry is the key to staying warm. So, opt for base layers that are made of moisture-wicking fabrics to ensure comfort and warmth throughout your outdoor adventures.

Insulate As Necessary

A mid-layer adds extra warmth to the outfit, which means it isn’t always necessary. But when it is, you want it to provide plenty of insulation to retain body heat and keep those cold winter winds out. Use materials like fleece or wool to add an extra layer between yourself and the cold. If you’re preparing for particularly frigid conditions—or if you’re helping kids layer up against the cold—you can add a second insulating layer for ultimate warmth.

Finish With a Protective Outer Layer

When layering clothes for outdoor winter activities, it is crucial to finish with a protective outer layer. This layer shields you from harsh elements such as wind, rain, snow, ice, and sleet. Prioritize wind- and water-resistant pieces for your outer layer to ensure maximum protection. By choosing the right coat or jacket for your outer layer, you can stay comfortable and properly shielded during your outdoor adventures.

Accessorize With Hats, Gloves, and Scarfs

Accessories are essential for keeping your extremities warm. Always include a hat and gloves in your outfit to protect the head and hands from the cold. Keep in mind that a lot of your body heat can escape through the head, making hats crucial in winter. Scarves and neck gaiters are also necessary for protecting the neck and chin from cold winds.

Looking for fun new apparel to add to your winter wardrobe? Incorporate some of our Colorado men’s clothing into your winter layers to stay warm and stylish all season long. From cozy sweaters to insulated flannels, we have everything you need to make the most of your cold-weather adventures.

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