The 3 Best Fly Fishing Spots in Colorado

The 3 Best Fly Fishing Spots in Colorado

With Colorado’s breathtaking mountain range comes countless miles of winding rivers and sparkling lakes. The Centennial State is full of incredible fly fishing spots for anglers of all experience levels. Gorgeous views, beautiful waters, and a bounty of trout make the following destinations some of the best fly fishing spots in Colorado. Grab your rod and reel, don your men’s Colorado hat to keep the sun out of your eyes, and enjoy a fruitful fishing trip at one of these unforgettable locations.

The Animas River

Though Colorado is full of beautiful, mountain-fed rivers and lakes, the Animas River stands out as one of the last true freestone fisheries in the state. The Animas runs from Durango to the New Mexico border.

Anglers will find several incredible fishing spots along these Gold Medal waters, but some of the best opportunities exist right in the heart of Durango. Here you’ll find thriving populations of rainbow and brown trout.

Colorado River

There are plenty of diverse fishing spots along the banks of the Colorado River. As it winds west from the Rockies, you’ll find stretches of wading water and vast fishing ranges that require a boat. Any fly fishing fanatic can find their ideal stretch of water along the Colorado. Rainbow, brown, brook, and cutthroat trout call the Colorado River home.

If you’re looking to wade, the Upper Colorado River between Granby and Avon is an ideal place to visit. The gorgeous waters make it hard to mess up your cast, and nearly every brown or rainbow trout you find here will be a quality catch.

Frying Pan River

The entire Roaring Fork Valley is a treasure trove of Gold Medal fishing waters, making it an angler’s paradise. Here you’ll find many of the best fly fishing spots in Colorado, but the Frying Pan River gets a special shout out.

Past the Ruedi Reservoir, the Frying Pan spills out to create some of the best trout waters in the country. The force of the water coming from the dam pushes Mysis shrimp and large insects to the bottom of the river; the local trout gorge on this feast, making them particularly susceptible to the lures of visiting fishers.

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