December 03, 2021 2 min read

When you think of camping, you probably think of summer. After all, summer is when more people take vacations, travel the country, and spend time enjoying the great outdoors. But there are plenty of advantages to pitching your tent in a colder climate, from the gorgeous scenery to the peaceful, cozy experiences. Here are four reasons to go cold-weather camping this winter.

There’s Peace, Quiet, and Elbow Room

When you venture out into national parks and famous campgrounds during peak camping season, you’re bound to run into people—a lotof people. Sometimes you just want to get away from the crowds and spend your vacation with no one but yourself, your loved ones, and the natural environment. Fewer people camp in the winter, which means you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful campground.

There’s Nothing Cozier Than a Winter Wonderland

Camping in the cold lets you reach peak levels of coziness. While campfires are a camping staple all year long, there’s something special about sitting around a crackling fire when the rest of the world is dark and chilly. Bundle up in your favorite casual sweaters, pack plenty of thick blankets, and curl up with the family in your personal winter wonderland.

You Can Say Goodbye to Bugs

Bugs are some of the biggest nuisances of camping in the summer. There’s nothing more frustrating than constantly batting flies away from your food or coating yourself in sticky bug spray to ward off mosquitoes. You don’t have to worry about these obnoxious pests when you camp in the winter. Most bugs migrate, hibernate, or exist as pupae or larvae in the winter, leaving you to enjoy a primarily bug-free campsite.

There Are Brand New Sights To See

Even if you’re camping in a place you’ve visited before, winter makes everything look a little different. The stars are brighter at night. The land appears changed when covered in a fresh blanket of snow. Sparkling frost coats the trees and rivers, and lakes freeze over. In short, winter makes everything feel new, fresh, and exciting. The new sights, experiences, and stories you gain from a winter trip are some of the best reasons to go cold-weather camping this winter.

Are you ready to plan your cold-weather camping trip? Make sure you have all the right gear to stay safe and cozy when you head into the woods. Our men’s  Colorado beanies and other great apparel items are perfect for staying warm no matter where you go this winter. Visit YoColorado today to gear up, bundle up, and enjoy a wintry adventure you’ll never forget.

Paige Pesko
Paige Pesko

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