Ranked No.1 For The Best Green Chile In Denver

Ranked No.1 For The Best Green Chile In Denver

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Thrillest.com recently ranked the best green chile in Denver and the results might surprise you.

El Taco De Mexico came in at first place. Were you really expecting anyplace else? After all, the ladies who’ve been running this beloved taqueria like drill sergeants for years mean so much serious business: you can see it in their eyes, hear it in the thwack of their cleavers, and taste it in everything they make — green chile included. Their garlic-tinged, tomatoless rendition is smooth as glass and glistening with the fat of meltingly tender pork that you’ll only actually encounter if you order it à la carte rather than as a sauce atop your burrito; either way, though, what you’ll taste is deeply savory, wonderfully smoky, beautifully seasoned and, well, just about perfect.

714 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204

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