Inspiring Outdoor Art Installations in Colorado

A beautiful day in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. There are art installations, water features, and historic buildings.

Colorado is known for its outdoor beauty: the mountains, the prairies, the white-water rapids, and the brilliant sunshine. But nature isn’t the only breathtaking part of Colorado’s great outdoors. You can also find awe-inspiring sculptures, statues, and other art installations across the Centennial State. Celebrate the beauty and inspiration that artists from all walks of life bring to the state with this guide to the most inspiring outdoor art installations in Colorado.

Chapungu Sculpture Park – Loveland

Chapungu Sculpture Park, located in the neighborhood of Centerra in Loveland, Colorado, hosts a collection of 82 hand-carved stone sculptures scattered throughout 26 acres of beautiful gardens. Chapungu—a name that refers to the protective Eagle of Zimbabwe—is a form of stone sculpture art by the Shona people in Zimbabwe. The sculptures in Chapungu Sculpture Park represent the rich history and culture of Zimbabwe, boasting themes of nature, village life, women and elders, the spirit world, and more.

Visitors can explore the sculptures along the park’s walking paths, enjoy the wildlife and botanical gardens, and even attend local concerts and other events.

Last Chance Module Array – Last Chance

Last Chance is an unincorporated community in northeastern Colorado. With a population of less than 50 and a claim to fame that revolves around being the only place to stop for fuel for miles, Last Chance can feel like an abandoned world.

That’s exactly the point of the Last Chance Module Array, a sparse but large-scale geometric structure that sits in an open, empty field outside town. As you walk through the grassland to approach the installation, you’ll wonder if you’re stepping up to a ruined ranch from the Old West, the last remnants of a lost civilization, or a message from the extraterrestrial. The answer is up to you. Either way, the deep feeling of awe and intrigue you’ll experience as you explore the sculpture remains the same.

The timber structures feel both rustic and futuristic, familiar and otherworldly. Get up close to admire the details of the Japanese wood-burning finish, or stand back to watch the sun set in perfect alignment with the module on the solstice. No matter how you look at it, there’s no mistaking the beauty and craftsmanship poured into this piece.

Pianos About Town – Fort Collins

Art has a way of bringing people together, and the interactive Pianos About Town pieces throughout Fort Collins are no exception. The painted pianos feature work from artists in the area; you can even watch them decorate each instrument in the summer. And, of course, there’s always someone tinkering on the keys. From professional musicians showcasing their talent to kids excited to tap out “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” the joy and connection of music, art, and creativity brightens the day of anyone who walks by.

Whether you’re planning a day trip or looking for things to add to your vacation itinerary, there are plenty of inspiring outdoor art installations to see in Colorado. Gear up for your trip with the Colorado-style clothing at YoColorado, then delve into a world of creativity and wonder that’s waiting for you across the Centennial State.

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