How You Can Help Prevent Wildfires

How You Can Help Prevent Wildfires

Wildfires are all too common disasters in our nation. While wildfires can start anywhere, they’re most common in forested areas and drier climates. These fires do more than just burn the land. They also harm wildlife, destroy buildings, and drastically affect the air quality of an area. With all that destruction, it’s hard to believe that you personally can make a difference. However, a majority of wildfires stem from careless humans. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, setting off fireworks, or burning trash, it’s important to follow the rules and vital safety measures to keep your fire in check. Here’s how you can help prevent wildfires while enjoying the great outdoors.

Report Unattended Fires

It only takes one mistake to turn a spark into a disaster. Even small campfires or trash burns can quickly get out of control. Preventing wildfires relies on closely watching and maintaining fires when you start them. Unfortunately, not everyone is that responsible. If you come across a fire that is out of control or simply unattended, call your local fire department or other nearby authorities. They can help get the blaze under control before something bad happens.

Handle Campfires Safely

Everyone loves gathering around a good campfire, especially when camping in Colorado. After a day of enjoying the scenery and exploring hiking trails, you can snuggle up with roasted marshmallows, good stories, and a warm, soft Colorado hoodie. While you enjoy your fire, though, you have to be careful. Make sure you only burn in designated firepits and prepare the area, so the flames don’t get loose and spread. Keep any branches or loose kindling away from the firepit. Also, never leave your fire attended. When you’re done, use water or ash to completely put out the flames.

Follow Local Rules and Guidelines

The risk of wildfires varies depending on where you are and what the weather’s like. This is why it’s important to double-check your city or campground’s rules about fires. Knowing and following these guidelines closely is a huge part of how you can help prevent wildfires, so be sure to take them seriously. If you’re not certain about a certain rule or practice, look it up before you start burning. This will help you enjoy your campfires safely without putting yourself, your neighbors, and the environment at risk.

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