March 31, 2022 2 min read

There’s no wrong time of year to visit Colorado. Even in the so-called mud season, Colorado is full of exciting adventures you can’t experience anywhere else. In fact, the spring weather of Colorado mud season creates unique opportunities that you can take advantage of. Discover Colorado mud season and all the things to do during this time of year with this rundown.

Why Travel During the Mud Season?

Colorado mud season refers to the stretch of time after ski resorts close for the year but before summer activities are in full swing. It runs from around mid-April to mid-May. While some consider this to be Colorado’s off-season, there are still plenty of reasons to get out and experience all the state has to offer.

Mud season has fewer crowds, which means you get to enjoy a little extra elbow room as you explore. Campsites are also more available. Best of all, you can often find great deals whenever you book hotel rooms, tickets, campsites, and more.

Enjoy the Perfect Hot Spring Weather

Colorado has plenty of hot springs for visitors and locals to enjoy. The natural thermal springs are gorgeous at any time of year, but spring provides an ideal environment. It’s not too hot to enjoy the water, but it’s also not too cold to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the springs. Mud season also has fewer crowds, which means you can enjoy a little more peace and quiet as you unwind in the luxurious waters.

Roam the National Parks

Many of Colorado’s parks come alive again during mud season. This is the perfect time to visit since you won’t have to share the area with summer travelers, RVers, and other crowds. Venture into Rocky Mountain National Park to see the abundant wildlife enjoying spring. Enjoy mild temperatures at Great Sand Dunes National Park or Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Just keep in mind that some backtrails might be closed depending on conditions, so plan your trip accordingly.

Get Out on the Water

Take advantage of the snowmelt by hitting up Colorado’s rivers. Mud season is the ideal time for white water rafting before the summer crowds arrive. Rafting opportunities near Buena Vista and the Royal Gorge are a great place to start this time of year. If you’re looking for something quieter, you can also spend a lazy day fishing by Colorado’s rivers.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, perfect spring temperatures, or something fun to do on the weekends, be sure to take advantage of Colorado mud season and these things to do during this time of year. While you’re having fun, be sure to rock your Colorado pride with comfortable and stylish women’s Colorado shirts. Stop by YoColorado today for the best gear to suit any season.

Bryan Howley
Bryan Howley

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