Beyond Skiing: Other Winter Activities To Try in Colorado

Beyond Skiing: Other Winter Activities To Try in Colorado

Colorado is known for its pristine ski resorts and epic snow conditions, but there’s more to winter in this beautiful state than just skiing. Whether you’re a winter sports enthusiast or just looking for some chilly fun, there are plenty of other winter activities to try in Colorado beyond skiing. Make plans for your next trip to the mountains with these exciting ideas.


If you enjoy hiking, snowshoeing is a great winter alternative. With snowshoes strapped to your feet, you can explore the peace and beauty of Colorado’s winter wonderland while also getting a good workout. Many Colorado state parks offer snowshoeing trails, so you can experience the beauty of nature during winter. This is a perfect way to enjoy the snow without the rush and hecticness of the ski slopes. Some resorts also offer snowshoe tours, so you can explore the pristine backcountry with an expert guide.

Fat Biking

Fat biking is another unique and exhilarating winter activity to try in Colorado. This emerging sport combines the thrill of biking with the snowy landscapes of Colorado. Fat bikes are specially designed with wide tires that provide extra traction on snow-covered trails, allowing you to explore places that would be inaccessible on a regular bike.

You can rent a fat bike from one of the many outfitters in the area and hit the trails in popular destinations like Silverton, Crested Butte, or Glenwood Springs. Don’t worry if you’re new to fat biking; you can find guided tours through Front Range Guides in Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins. The Breckenridge Gold Run Nordic Ski Center also offers fat bike tours throughout their trails, including an exciting full moon tour.

Brewery Tours

While the cold and snow may inspire outdoor winter activities, some winter days just call for indoor fun. What better way to spend one of those days than with a brewery tour? Colorado is renowned for its craft beer scene, and winter is a great time to taste some of the best brews the state has to offer. You’re never too far from a fun brewery, so grab some friends and indulge in exciting new beers, great food, and incredible company. In cities like Denver or Boulder, you can check out guided brewery tours that let you explore the city while also enjoying some of the best brews in the area.

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