Best Caves in Colorado To Visit With Your Kids

Best Caves in Colorado To Visit With Your Kids

Are you looking for fun and unique experiences to enjoy with your kids? Colorado is full of adventures, but some of the most exciting outings take place underground. Exploring caves or caverns is like exploring another world. Discover breathtaking geological formations, explore exciting twists and turns, and glimpse both natural and man-made history when you delve into Colorado’s caves. As you plan your next family adventure, remember these best caves in Colorado to visit with your kids.

Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds has been a popular Colorado attraction since it opened to the public in 1881. Venture deep into the Manitou Grand Caverns and discover another world beneath the mountains. Here you’ll find three different cave tours—including a beginner course and a spooky, lantern-lit tour—to lead you through the magnificent cave. When it’s time to return to the surface, be sure to visit the park’s other attractions, including rides, challenge courses, and a zipline through the mountains.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Glenwood Caverns is famous for being America’s only mountain-top theme park. The coasters, ziplines, and other rides above ground offer both family-friendly fun and heart-pounding thrills. The same is true for the Glenwood Caverns beneath the mountain. Families with older kids can experience an authentic cave adventure on the Wild Tour. Alternatively, explore the historic Fairy Caves or the highly-decorated King’s Row.

Fulford Cave

There are no guided tours in Fulford Cave, which means you’re free to explore this fascinating cavern on your own. Visitors take a short hike up to the cave before cooling off in the consistently cool temperatures of the cavern. The cave itself is about a mile long and easy to explore for beginner spelunkers. Fulford Cave has no entrance fee, but visitors must obtain a permit before exploring.

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

See nature and history collide in the depths of the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine. This famous historic mine is fun, fascinating, and educational, making it one of the best caves in Colorado to visit with your kids. The guided tour takes visitors down 1,000 feet in an old vertical mine shaft. At the bottom, don your hard hat and learn what it was like to be a gold miner in the Old West. View natural gold veins, ride an underground train, and discover more about the history of mining with equipment displays and demonstrations.

Take the kids on the adventure of a lifetime when you delve into Colorado’s gorgeous and exciting caves. Plan your trip, gear up with our Colorado apparel for kids, and make some family memories when you visit any of these fascinating caves this season.

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