9 of the Best Reasons to Move to Colorado

9 of the Best Reasons to Move to Colorado

9 of the Best Reasons to Move to Colorado

Your home state should be a place full of the opportunities, excitement, and lifestyle you crave. For many people, Colorado does all that and more. From the breathtaking landscapes to the booming economy, there are endless reasons why Coloradans are proud to call the Centennial State their home. In fact, the state’s vibrant culture and rich history continue to draw in new residents every year. Is Colorado the perfect place for you to call home? Consider these nine reasons to move to Colorado.

The Views

Let’s start with the obvious one: Colorado is home to some of America’s most spectacular views. Of course, the Rocky Mountains dominate the horizon, but they’re far from the only photo opportunity in the state. With four national parks and countless national forests, grasslands, and other conservation areas, Colorado is home to a plethora of unmatched natural beauty. You can enjoy sparkling mountain lakes, endless alpine forests, magnificent sand dunes, and so much more. Even the urban landscapes are gorgeous—there’s just something special about a city skyline with a mountain range behind it. While you’re out enjoying the view, you might also catch a glimpse of the state’s native wildlife. From the mountains to the prairies, you can spot marvelous creatures such as elk, black bears, and bison.

The Weather

The thought of Colorado often conjures images of frigid temperatures and massive piles of snow, but that isn’t always true. While winter turns much of Colorado—especially the mountains—into a snowy wonderland, there are some parts of the state that get plenty of sunshine and comfortable, mild temperatures year-round. For example, Denver gets an average of over 3000 hours—roughly 300 days—of sunshine a year. In the winter, the average temperature high stays at around 50 degrees. While you can certainly escape into the mountains for a cozy winter escape, you can also enjoy comfortable, sunny days no matter the time of year.

The Outdoor Fun

Speaking of play, there’s no end to the fun you can have when you live in Colorado. The state is full of sports, outdoor activities, and other experiences to cross off your bucket list. Skiing is probably Colorado’s most iconic activity. With thousands of meters of ski terrain across 54 mountain peaks, Colorado is a skier’s paradise. There’s plenty to do away from the slopes, as well. Even in top-rated ski resorts like Aspen or Telluride, you can enjoy sledding, snowboarding, or ice skating. There are also the hundreds of miles of hiking trails across the state. For the more adventurous residents, you can try your hand at bouldering, ice climbing, or whitewater rafting. From adrenaline rushes to relaxing retreats, Colorado is the perfect place to enjoy nature in your own backyard.

The Arts and Culture

Not all adventures are found in the great outdoors. Colorado is home to dozens of magnificent museums and venues to enjoy. Highlights include Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre—an open-air amphitheater built into a natural red rock formation. The remarkable acoustics and fantastic yearly line-up make Red Rocks a must-see destination for music lovers. There are also countless museums to suit any interest. From giant bugs to the state’s history, you’re sure to get lost in the fascinating, enlightening world of Colorado’s museums. Add that to the endless art galleries, historic landmarks, and music venues, and you’ll never be at a loss for what to do on your days off.

The Beer

The beer game in Colorado is strong. The state prides itself on its craft breweries and microbreweries. It’s even home to the largest single brewery in the world—Adolph Coors Co. No matter where you are in the state, you’re probably not far from a unique and delicious selection of brews. You can take a brewery tour or attend the Great American Beer Festival that Denver hosts every fall. Each craft brewery comes with its own rich history and exciting atmosphere for you to enjoy. Plus, with so many places constantly rotating their taps and experimenting with new flavors, you’ll never run out of exciting brews to try.

The Economic Growth

Colorado’s economy has boomed over the last few years. The state has seen steady growth in gross domestic product in recent years. This also has a positive effect on the job market—Colorado has become a great place for employment opportunities. It’s home to a diverse range of industries, from a prosperous tourism sector, to agriculture and mining, to the research and education that thrives in Denver. The upward trends in Colorado’s economy make it a fantastic place to work as well as play.

The Mile-High City

With its iconic mountain range and charming tourist towns, you might not picture Colorado as the place to enjoy an urban lifestyle. Yet Denver alone is one of the best reasons to move to Colorado. This capital city is a hub of culture, history, and fun. With its 300 days of sunshine and 200 parks within the city limit, Denver offers residents a wonderful mix of natural beauty and urban community. Spend your weekends wandering through the city’s museums, breweries, and other venues. Plus, if you want to get out of town, the Rocky Mountains are right there on the horizon.

The Sports

Do you love sports? Colorado has no end of teams to root for, no matter what your preference is; Denver has a team in all five major sports leagues. Whether you never miss a basketball game or you’re a diehard hockey fan, there’s a Colorado team for you. Colorado also has a thriving college sports scene. However, if mainstream sports aren’t your thing, don’t worry. You can also enjoy the Winter X Games in Aspen every year, either as a spectator or an athlete.

The Endless Experiences

No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it in the Centennial State. Colorado prides itself on its diversity and adventure, and there are endless opportunities waiting for you here. If you’re proud to call yourself a Coloradan—or future Coloradan—show it off with our assortment of Colorado accessories to suit your needs and style. Find the adrenaline rush you want out of your weekends or experience ultimate peace and tranquility in some of America’s most beautiful natural areas. Whether you’re moving for work, play, or something else entirely, Colorado is a great place to call your home.

9 of the Best Reasons to Move to Colorado

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