9 Colorado Summer Activities Everyone Should Try

9 Colorado Summer Activities Everyone Should Try

9 Colorado Summer Activities Everyone Should Try

If you’re looking for adventure this summer, Colorado is the place to go. There are few better places to spend your bright sunny days and exciting summer nights. If you’ve been itching to get out and experience breathtaking views, adrenaline-filled sports, and other Colorado treasures, have no fear. Summer is never too far off, and these pastimes are always ready and waiting for you. When the longest days of the year arrive, fill them with these Colorado summer activities everyone should try.

Spend a Night Under the Stars

Camping is the quintessential summer activity. In Colorado, you’re never far from the perfect camping spot. Make the most of the fantastic weather by heading out to your favorite park or campground for a few days. You’ll always make memories when you spend time around the campfire. Roast marshmallows, tell stories, and reconnect over your time spent away from your screens and with each other. A camping trip is the perfect opportunity to get away from the bustle and crowds of your daily life, so pack your favorite book and camping chair and let yourself get lost in the woods. Alternatively, for the more adventurous souls, you can set up your tent and wander around to see all the surrounding forests, mountains, and rivers.

Go on an RV Trip

One of the best ways to see Colorado is through the freedom of your own RV. Combine the adventurous life of camping with your favorite home luxuries and travel across the miles and miles of scenic country that Colorado has to offer. RVing gives you access to many of the same places and experiences you can get while camping. You’ll also meet a warm and exciting community of fellow RV campers, many of whom are willing to share their top tips and destinations with a friendly campsite neighbor.

Take a Hike

If you don’t spend at least one afternoon on the hiking trails, were you ever really in Colorado? There are thousands of miles of hiking trails throughout the state in all different settings. From mountain peaks to shadowy gorges and everywhere in between, there’s no end to the unique landscapes and wildlife you can find. The best part is that there are trails for visitors of all difficulty levels. If you want to spend all day striving toward the top of a fourteener, you’ve got a fair amount of options. You also won’t have to look far for a refreshing and relaxing walk after work.

Take a Bike

Of course, you don’t have to experience Colorado’s trails on foot. Mountain biking is another Colorado summer activity everyone should try. Biking presents a uniquely challenging and beautiful opportunity for anyone who wants to seek out the rush of speeding down a mountain trail. However, for an extremely adrenaline-pumping activity, mountain biking is easily accessible throughout the state. There are many beginner and intermediate trails to build up your skills before you hit the thrilling jumps and steep descents of the advanced trails.

Go on Serene Horseback Rides

Colorado exhibits the heart of the American West. One of the best ways to pay homage to that—and spend a lovely summer afternoon—is to take a horse ride through the countryside. Visit any of the state’s many ranches as a launching post for your scenic ride through colorful meadows and mountain prairies. Travel as a family or group at any skill level. If you’re an experienced rider with your own horse, you can also visit the many trails around the state, particularly outside of Denver and in Durango.

Soar Through Aerial Parks

Have you ever seen a bird soaring through the mountains and wondered what it was like? Colorado has several opportunities for you to answer that question. Its numerous zip lines and aerial parks allow visitors to strap up and fly down mountainsides and over deserts. There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind whip through your hair as you stare down at the gorgeous countryside flying by beneath you. If you’re looking for a new way to take in Colorado’s famous landscapes and wildlife, these aerial parks are the perfect destination for you this summer.

Tackle the Mountains with Rock Climbing

For the fit and the bold, Colorado’s mountains offer a unique opportunity: rock climbing. Many of the more difficult hiking trails require a bit of bouldering or rock climbing, especially on the state’s fourteeners. You can also get your rock-climbing fix at Garden of the Gods or Boulder Flat Irons. The iconic Black Canyon of the Gunnison also offers dozens of climbing routes. It’s the perfect way to test your skills and really experience the dramatic mountain cliffs that make their home in Colorado.

Go Boating

Of course, it’s not really summer until you hit the water. Are you looking for a relaxing weekend out on the water? Is a thrilling trip through white rushing waters more your speed? You can find both—and everything in between—in Colorado’s rivers and reservoirs. Take a sailboat or canoe out on one of the state’s beautiful mountain lakes or ponds. Alternatively, fly down the mountain rivers that are rushing with the melted remains of winter’s snow. If boats are too mainstream for you, consider trying your hand at stand-up paddle boarding instead.

Relax with the Fish

Summer doesn’t have to be all excitement all the time. Some of the best memories are made lounging by the water with a fishing pole in hand. Colorado is home to thousands of miles of rivers and even more lakes, so you'll always be able to find a place to cast your line for the day. Take the time to stretch out and relax as you enjoy the tranquility that comes with Colorado’s natural beauty. Fishing is a perfect add-on to any camping or boating trip. However, you can also just go out for the day and spend a refreshing morning with nothing but you and the water.

No matter how you enjoy spending the season, summer is a time for fresh air, warm sunshine, and fantastic memories. Colorado provides all of the above, which is why we here at YoColorado are proud to call it home. Share in our pride by picking up a Colorado flag t-shirt and other great accessories to take with you as you enjoy summer in the glorious Centennial State.

Colorado Activities Everyone Should Try

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