April 15, 2020 2 min read

3 Fun Small Towns to Visit in Colorado

Colorado is known for its culture-packed cities and marvelous stretches of wilderness, but what about the spaces between? The Centennial State is home to dozens of charming small towns. From picturesque relics of the historic American West to hidden gems tucked within the mountain range, there are plenty of these underrated locations across the state. If you’re burnt out on all the iconic destinations, instead check out these fun small towns to visit in Colorado.


Like many of Colorado’s small towns, Durango was founded in the 1800s as part of a mining district. Located in the southwestern corner of the state, Durango is part of the San Juan mountain range, near the Four Corners area where Colorado meets New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. In addition to its history in the San Juan mining district, Durango is also home to unique and valuable archaeological sites. The area holds many ancient cities and relics of the Pueblo civilizations. In addition to this rich history, visitors can also experience the natural beauty of the Animas River Valley, the annual Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival, and many more attractions.

Crested Butte

Crested Butte started as a coal mining town, but it’s now known as one of the best skiing destinations in the state. Come winter, the Crested Butte Mountain Resort is bustling with skiers and snowboarders. When the weather is nicer, visitors can explore the 750 miles of mountain biking trails that surround the town. The real draw, however, has to be the town’s festivals scattered throughout the year. From the serene Wildflower Festival in July to the Crested Butte Film Festival in September, there’s always something unique for visitors to experience.


No list of fun small towns to visit in Colorado would be complete without glorious Golden. Even as Golden blossoms and grows, it retains its historic small-town feel. Originally named Golden City, this town started as a mining camp in the middle of the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush and has never lost that Old West identity. Head on over to this historic town to visit Lookout Mountain and Buffalo Bill’s grave. The town itself is bursting with delicious eateries, mountain charm, and some seriously iconic breweries, including the famous Coors Brewery, which gives tours through the town and its facility.

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Brad Miller

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