6 Reasons Why Colorado Natives Are Sick Of Everyone Moving Here

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Colorado natives are getting fed up with all of the new changes that are coming to Colorado. This list was created by answers submitted by the people of Denver.

6. The traffic is out of control.

Denver HWY 108 Gridlock Traffics

5. The homeless rate skyrocketing!

Homeless Coming to Denver for Recreational Weed News Story

4. The transplants that move here are very rude.

Frustrated Woman Communting

3. Newbies that can't drive in the snow.

Car Stuck in Snow On the Side of the Road

2. Visitors are giving amendment 64 a bad rap.

Weed Kills Denver Post Article

1. The cost of living is getting ridiculous.

Housing Crisis Cartoon


  • Lynn

    So we have some new transplants that moved in next door maybe a couple of days ago. I hate transplants but for the sake of peace I have decided to try to be civil and nice. Today we see them say hello for the first time. They say hello. No pleasant conversation, no chit chat, no how are you doing? They say “how long have you lived here?” Like that is any of their business. Btw my family has owned this home for over 50 years and 3 generations. But that is none of their business. I really hate transplants.

  • TrueNative

    This is no laughing matter, I was born in 1980 and raised here my whole life. And literally the year recreational marijuana went legal we had this explosion of people who are seriously NOT the kind of people we once were. It seems not only did we get every stuck up piece of liberal sh*t in the country but it also seems that every dope fiend in America decided colorado must love drug addicts and moved here. FYI GO AWAY!!!! I FOR ONE, ALONG WITH MOST OF MY FRIENDS REFUSE TO ASSOCIATE WITH ANY OF YOU MORONS WHO DO NOT HAVE A COLORADO BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!! Not a local GO HOME! Dope fiends GO HOME!!!! Colorado natives KEEP TREATING THEM LIKE SUB STANDARD AMERICANS AND THEY’LL GET THE MEMO EVENTUALLY!!!

  • texasBGONE

    how about those dumbass texans ???? those people need to be quarintined to say the least .. then start with banning inbreading ….. nothing but idiots from that state …

  • Truthy

    Colorado this is the USA. People can move wherever they want to in America. You are the ones acting superior to everyone else. You are rude and have no manners. Common sense would make you build highways bigger in the 21st century. Prices are higher because Colorado people are very greed to raise prices for more money. Homeless are here because you do not help them. Not everyone from different states are liberal. Your bigoted attitude toward different people is pathetic. Grow up. This is the way the world has been for centuries. People move. Go get a job or help your community.

  • Anonymous

    As a former Colorado transplant to Colorado Springs who has since moved away, this phenomenon is not relative to Colorado alone. This is happening to my native state of Tennessee as we speak. Nashville is literally becoming L.A. Lite with it’s ridiculous cost of living and ever increasing sprawl. TN also continues to attract tons of CA transplants around the Nashville metro area as well. It seems that every city in the sun belt and Rocky Mountain West has its turn in the spot light.

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