3 of the Best Day Trips in Colorado

3 of the Best Day Trips in Colorado

3 of the Best Day Trips in Colorado

There are so many sights and experiences scattered across Colorado that it can be overwhelming trying to visit them all. Fortunately, plenty of the Centennial State’s attractions can fit into a sunny Saturday afternoon. If you don’t have time for a full vacation, simply turn your next day off into an unforgettable trip. Have a mini adventure with these best day trips in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park

You can’t beat a Colorado classic. Visitors from all over the world come to this state to see the Rocky Mountains, and there are few better places to experience the front range than from Rocky Mountain National Park. With over 300 miles of hiking trails across 415 square miles of gorgeous mountain terrain, you can come back to the park again and again and still discover something new every time. Visit the iconic Longs Peak for a hiking challenge, then come back on your next day off to see the other 100 plus peaks that sit at over 11,000 feet high.

The Garden of the Gods

Just outside of Colorado Springs lies the stunning Garden of the Gods. With sweeping grasslands, majestic sandstone formations, and a backdrop of Pikes Peak, the Garden of the Gods is easily one of the best day trips in Colorado. Free entry makes it easy to explore the hiking and biking trails. You can also venture out on horseback to see more of the park. For a more laid-back visit, bring a picnic and relax among the glorious views.


Golden, Colorado, has the perfect sampling of mountain fun and Western history. It will take several day trips to experience everything this city has to offer, which is fine since it’s only half an hour’s drive from Denver. Explore the city’s mining history at the Mines Museum of Earth Science. Alternatively, you can head up to Lookout Mining to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave. Soar down the rapids of Clear Creek, or take a kayak through the award-winning course that runs straight through town. Of course, no day trip to Golden would be complete without a tour of Coors Brewery, which takes you through historic downtown Golden as well as the brewery itself.

No matter where you go in Colorado, make sure you’re sporting your pride for the Centennial State with our lines of Colorado accessories. Gear up and get out to see some of the most fantastic experiences our home has to offer.

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