10 Reasons Why Colorado Men Are The Best Men On Earth

10 Reasons Why Colorado Men Are The Best Men On Earth

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Colorado men rock! Here is a list of reasons why.

10. They understand who the best team is in all of football.

Family of Broncos Fans

9. They aren't afraid of a little cold weather.

Man Outdoors Dressed in Winter Apparel

8. They Work Hard.

Hardworking Male Mechanic

7. So they can play harder.

Man Dirt Biking

6. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Oiled Man Working Hands

5. They are very talented.

Tim Allen

4. They aren't afraid of anything.

Man Mountain Climbing

3. And they have a major soft spot for animals.

Man and Cute Dog

2. They know a good batch of green chili is the way to the heart.

Green Chili

1. And no matter how far they roam they know there is no place like home!

Men Hiking

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