Why would the world’s largest single-site brewery pick a small, 10-year old vintage ski and surf apparel company to design a new, collaborative line of merchandise commemorating their 150th anniversary?

We like to think it’s because we share many of Coors’ most valued principles for quality, entrepreneurialism, and innovation. We also try to run our business similarly to how Coors did back in 1873 with thoughtfully created hand-crafted products. It might also have something to do with the fact that we both share the same beautiful hometown of Golden, CO – a historic, small town nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains where the adventurous West still lives and inspires our work and products every day.

Just three blocks down the street from our flagship store sits the legendary Coors brewery that has brewed the beer of presidents, rock stars, cowboys and cowgirls since 1873. This year, they’ll be celebrating 150 years of building that legacy, and we’re proud to introduce a new apparel collection we’ve created collaboratively with Coors Banquet, to celebrate that wonderful legacy. Here’s to the cowboys, the adventurers, the dreamers. Here’s to the original and here’s to you. Check out our new line and raise a glass with us to our partner, Coors.

Long Live Local!