What Do the Colors on the Colorado Flag Mean?

What Do the Colors on the Colorado Flag Mean?

Every state in America has a flag that represents the history and ideals of the state. Colorado is no exception. The design—created by Andrew Carlisle Carson and adopted by the state legislature in 1911—features bold and brilliant colors that reflect the rugged beauty of Colorado. What do the colors on the Colorado flag mean? Read on to learn more about the symbolism and decisions behind Colorado’s state flag.

The Colorado Flag Design

The original Colorado flag design looked like many other state flags. It featured the state seal on a field of blue with the words “Union and Constitution” and the Latin phrase “Nil Sine Numine,” or “Nothing Without Providence.”

In 1910, the Daughters of the American Revolution decided it was time for a redesign. The state legislature eventually adopted Andrew Carlisle Carson’s design. The new flag features a stripe of white between two stripes of blue, a red “C” that sits atop the stripes, and a golden disc that rests within the “C” symbol.

What the Colors Mean

Now that you know where the design came from, it’s time to learn what the colors on the Colorado flag mean. Colorado’s state flag reflects everything that makes the Centennial State special. As such, the colors on the Colorado state flag represent the gorgeous natural beauty of the state.

The blue stripes represent the clear blue skies that stretch over Colorado. The white stripe symbolizes the snow-capped Rocky Mountains that run through the state. The red of the “C” represents the ruddy soil and red rocks of Colorado’s earth. Finally, the golden disc represents the abundant sunshine that Coloradans enjoy.

What Sets Colorado’s Flag Apart?

Many things set the Colorado flag apart from other state flags. While many states have flags that feature their official seals, mottos, and other dignified imagery—much like Colorado’s original flag—the current Colorado flag boasts a neat, bold, and simple design. This makes the Colorado flag both attractive and instantly recognizable in any setting.

Another key point about the Colorado flag is the legislation that comes with it. When the state legislature adopted the flag design, they gave Colorado citizens the right to use the design during any occasion they deemed fitting and appropriate. Unlike many official flags, Coloradans are free to display, wear, and decorate themselves with their flag. And many Colorado citizens are proud to do so!

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