Ways To Get Your Kids To Keep Their Hats On

Ways To Get Your Kids To Keep Their Hats On

You’re never too young to rock your favorite hat. Kids of all ages look adorable in trucker hats, bonnets, beanies, and any other cap you can get on their heads. The problem is making sure that hat actually stays on their heads. Luckily, there are a few surefire ways to get your kids to keep their hats on throughout the day. Save yourself some stress with these tips and tricks.

Find a Hat That Fits

One reason your child might keep pulling their hat off is that it doesn’t fit right. A hat that’s too big will fall down over their eyes and ears. A hat that’s too small will feel uncomfortably tight or keep falling off their head when they move. Make sure you buy children’s hats that are just the right size for your little one. Look for hats with adjustable backs or measure your child’s head before making a purchase.

Let Them Show Off Their Style

Make hats more fun by giving your kid some control over what they wear. Let your child pick out the kind of hat they want. Look for their favorite colors or find a style that matches their favorite outfits. You can also get your kid a hat that reflects their interests or personality, like our kids’ Colorado flag hats that feature countless colorful designs to show off your state pride.

Use Distractions to Your Advantage

Playful distractions are an easy way to get your kids to keep their hats on, especially if you have younger children. While your little one is eating or playing with a toy, casually slip their hat on. Don’t fuss or make a big deal over the new accessory. Keep it quick and casual, just like putting on a coat or shoes. If you don’t draw as much attention to the hat, your child is more likely to accept it without making a big deal.

Match With the Family

Kids love to copy the people around them—especially if those people are part of the family! If you want your little one to wear a hat and keep it on all day, the easiest thing to do is lead by example. Put your hat on at the same time you put theirs on. Younger kids will also have fun wearing matching hats with the whole family. When everyone else enjoys wearing their hat out and about, your kids will too.

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