Top Wildlife Scenic Spots to Visit in Colorado

wildlife scenic spots

Colorado is a treasure trove of natural beauty. While most people venture to the Centennial State ready to take in the stunning Rocky Mountains, Colorado’s wildlife deserves its own shout-out. The wildlife in Colorado is as diverse as the scenery. Elk, moose, bighorn sheep, bison, bears, eagles, and so much more call Colorado home.

There are endless ways to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. Whether you’re hitting the trail yourself or snapping pictures from the car, you’ll come across some of the most fascinating creatures in the country. Remember to keep your distance and respect the animals as you check out these top wildlife scenic spots to visit in Colorado.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Discover diverse mountain wildlife without leaving your car when you drive the 28-mile Mount Evans Scenic Byway. As you climb one of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains, you’ll come across bighorn sheep, mountain goats, marmots, pikas, and more. The road starts in Echo Lake near Idaho Springs and climbs over 7,000 feet to get to the top of Mount Evans. For even more natural beauty, try visiting in the fall when the leaves start turning gold.

Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge

In San Luis Valley is a bird-watcher’s paradise and one of the top wildlife scenic spots to visit in Colorado. The lush wetlands of Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge create the perfect environment for deer, coyotes, and of course, birds. Bird enthusiasts flock to the refuge year-round, but the main attraction is the annual migration of the sandhill cranes. Over 20,000 of these gorgeous cranes head to the refuge every year. Peak season is between March and October, so plan your trip accordingly to catch this unforgettable sight.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

This wildlife refuge is one of the largest urban refuges in the country. Located just outside Denver, the Rocky Mountain National Arsenal Wildlife Refuge is home to over 300 species. Highlights include bison, coyotes, hawks, mule deer, and bald eagles. Make your visit easy and comfortable by taking the 11-mile Wildlife Drive through the refuge. You can also hop on the trolley from the visitor center for a leisurely cruise through the park. If you want to explore a bit deeper, you can set out on the hiking trails that wind through the area.

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