April 07, 2022 2 min read

Visitors of all ages will find plenty of fun and exciting experiences in Colorado. That’s why the Centennial State is such a popular destination for family vacations. You can make your Colorado trip even better by finding the perfect lodging for the whole family. When you find a resort with activities and amenities for everyone to enjoy, your vacation becomes much more exciting. Book the perfect trip with these tips for finding a family-friendly resort in Colorado.

Look for Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

Younger kids won’t want to sit around a spa all day, and teenagers won’t enjoy events tailored toward elementary-aged kids. When you look for a family-friendly resort, you need to find a place that appeals to everyone in the family.

Colorado resorts are full of exciting activities for all ages, so get the family involved and ask what they want to do. Do you want to go on a hiking adventure? Will you spend time on the slopes? Does anyone want to explore a charming mountain town? Once you know what everyone wants to do during your stay, look for a resort that can accommodate everyone’s ideas.

Prioritize a Little Elbow Room

One of the best tips for finding a family-friendly resort in Colorado is to look for options with enough space. An overly spacious room might not always be in the budget, but even a little extra space can make your trip less stressful. If you’re traveling with a lot of people, the extra room gives everyone a little more privacy and space to unwind at the end of an exciting day.

You can also look for rooms with extra spaces to suit your needs. For example, if you don’t want to eat out every night, a kitchen space—even a small one—will be perfect for preparing meals during your trip.

See What’s in Walking Distance

You might be patient enough to drive half an hour to an interesting dinner spot, but hungry or tired kids might not be. When booking your trip, look at activities, restaurants, and other attractions in and around the resort. Having plenty of things to do within walking distance—or at least only a few minutes away—will make navigating the area with kids much easier.

Once you book the perfect resort, you can start getting excited about your Colorado vacation. Get the whole family ready with stylish kids’ Colorado shirts from YoColorado, and start packing for your Colorado adventure today.

Timothy McCarthy
Timothy McCarthy

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