Three Common Clothes Layering Mistakes To Avoid

Three Common Clothes Layering Mistakes To Avoid

When you head out for some winter fun, you need to dress for the occasion. From a gorgeous snowy hike to an adrenaline-fueled trip down a ski slope, warm, waterproof clothes are a must-have for any outdoor winter activity. Everyone knows the importance of layering up, but the process is a little more in-depth than simply throwing on an extra coat. Make sure you stay safe while you’re out there tackling the winter wonderland this season by watching out for these common clothes layering mistakes to avoid.

Prioritizing Fashion

Who doesn’t want to look good when they’re out and about? As attractive as your outfit is, though, style should never outrank function. Even the most fashionable outfits are useless if they can’t keep you warm, safe, and comfortable. This might mean wearing something bulky or sacrificing your favorite pattern or color for a warmer, safer choice. While you can often find options that make you look good, feeling good will always be the most important part of your outdoor winter outfit.

Dressing Too Warm

Ironically, one of the most common clothes layering mistakes to avoid is dressing too warmly. When you’re out hiking, running, skiing, or doing anything else that requires physical exertion, you’re going to work up a sweat. Coupled with dressing too warmly, you could potentially overheat. Once you stop moving, all the sweat you’ve built up will start to freeze against your body. This will make your body temperature drop and can quickly lead to dangerous conditions such as hypothermia. Make sure you can adjust your outfit as you go to prevent overheating. Even little steps like dropping your hood or unzipping a jacket can help you stay cool enough to prevent sweat from building up.

Not Doing Your Homework

Layering your clothes is a skill—one that takes experience and knowledge. It helps to do some research before you bundle up. Learn which materials work best for base layers. Find different highly recommended options for waterproof coats, gloves, and boots. It also helps to read about your destination, especially if your winter fun is taking you far away from home. Learn about the area’s typical weather conditions as well as what the radar predicts for your trip. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be to dress safely and comfortably for the weather.

With these tips in hand, you’re ready to tackle any winter adventure. Make our comfortable Colorado sweatshirt part of your layered outfit, then hit the trail for some unforgettable fun this season.

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