The Smallest Towns In Colorado That You Won't Want to Miss

The Smallest Towns In Colorado That You Won't Want to Miss

The Smallest Towns In Colorado That You Won't Want to Miss

small towns in colorado

Whether you’ve always dreamed of finding the perfect Colorado small town to live in or are just looking for some cute Colorado towns to explore, these tiny places should be on your list.

Colorado Small Towns: The places you’ll never want to leave

Although Colorado has certainly gained a boom of popularity (and population) in recent years, there’s still plenty of small-town charm left to go around. Separated by mountain passes or rivers, the small towns of Colorado are unique and usually feel isolated, even if they’re near larger cities. But when many of them host world-class festivals and have bustling food scenes, you surely won’t miss the city hustle. Not sure where to start? These are our favorites of the smallest towns in Colorado.

The Best Towns in Colorado to Visit

Best Colorado small town to live in: Durango

Looking for a Colorado small town to settle down in? We’ve got the perfect place. Surrounded by breathtaking wilderness, Durango is a well-sized small town for those who want to live full-time. It’s family-friendly, hosts a small college, and is a short drive to a ski resort. Enjoy many city amenities like concerts and other live events, minus the crowns. Plus, with miles of trail and a quaint downtown scene, you’ll never be bored.

Most beautiful place in Colorado: Telluride

Ready to explore the most beautiful small town in Colorado? Telluride has it all. This tiny town is quite literally tucked between mountains. You can walk from one end of town to another during the day, but that’s not to say that activities are lacking. In fact, instead of walking, you can kayak or float across town in the summer, or ski across it in the winter. With breathtaking 360-degree mountain views, it’s no wonder that Telluride is world-famous as one of the most beautiful small towns in Colorado.

Tiny Southeastern Colorado Cities You’ll Love: Alamosa

Not all of Colorado’s small-town charm is in the heart of the Rockies. In fact, this small town is on the southern tip of the state, and you won’t want to skip it. Alamosa is located near the amazing Sangre de Cristo mountains, with backdoor access to Great Sand Dunes National Park. In the heart of San Luis Valley, you can expect more moderate temperatures in the winter, with easy access to snow or sand year-round. This Colorado small town is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who are ready to immerse themselves in the solitude of nature.

Top Affordable Mountain Towns

Dreaming of a life in a small Colorado mountain town, but not of the mountain town price tag? Check out these more reasonable options and get swept away by the beauty of these Colorado small towns.


A short drive to Telluride and Ouray, Dolores is a very affordable small mountain town in southwestern Colorado. Along with its neighboring town, Cortez, Dolores offers easy access to the mountain lifestyle, without the hefty price tag. Explore the miles of public land that surround Dolores, enjoy a short drive to the deserts of Utah, and experience the community that makes this town special.


Counting down the days until your backyard runs involve high-altitude peaks? Then Leadville is the town for you. The highest incorporated town in Colorado, this place is a mecca for mountain athletes. But don’t worry, you can enjoy the views even if you don’t plan on summiting all of them! Leadville is a great option for those that want to stay closer to popular mountain towns like Breckenridge but enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle.

Lake City

Welcome to the most remote town in the lower 48 states. One of the smallest towns in Colorado, Lake City offers back-door access to an entire range of 14,000-foot mountains, a large lake for summer relaxation, and one of the darkest night skies around. It’ll win you over with small-town charm and a laid-back atmosphere.

Cute Colorado Towns 

Some places are simply too picturesque to drive by. These small Colorado towns feature amazing natural landscapes paired with charming restaurants and sights to see. Perfect for a weekend getaway (or a lifetime), you’ll love exploring these great spots.


This small town is tucked in the heart of a rolling river valley. Paionia has easy access to mountains, to be sure. But it’s also known for its agricultural roots. Today, you can explore picture-perfect vineyards, and then stroll down the charming riverside downtown area. Enjoy fresh food and some of the best wine in Colorado while you explore this quaint town.


While many will drive straight by this town on their way to Telluride or Ouray, Ridgeway is one cute Colorado town that’s worth a visit in itself. Stop by Gnar tacos for a tasty bite to eat before strolling the streets of town. Then, head towards the towering peaks surrounding you for a days (or weeks) fill of adventure. Hike, bike, or run- whatever your adventure of choice, you’ll find it in Ridgeway.

Crested Butte

This small town is more well-known than most, and for very good reason. Crested Butte is known for its world-class ski slopes, but there’s much more to explore. Host to several festivals and many year-round events, this small town brings the fun of city living to a smaller scale. And, Crested Butte just might have one of the cutest downtown centers in Colorado.

Pagosa Springs

We can’t forget about this southwestern Colorado gem of a small town. Pagosa Springs is far removed from busy highways, but it’s worth the drive. Like a little-known Glenwood Springs, Pagosa also features world-class natural hot springs right in the heart of downtown. Once you’ve gotten a soak in, explore the many delicious eateries in town. Or, head up the road to explore Wolf Creek ski area. Wherever you go, you’ll love this cute Colorado town.

Which of the smallest towns in Colorado is one your list? Let us know in the comments below!

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