Must-Have Kids’ Clothing for Winter Hiking

Must-Have Kids’ Clothing for Winter Hiking

Winter is a magical time to explore the great outdoors with your family. Snow-covered landscapes provide picturesque backdrops and a unique hiking experience. However, as temperatures drop and weather conditions become less forgiving, it’s crucial to ensure that your little ones are equipped with the proper clothing to stay warm and comfortable on the trail. Learn more about the must-have kids’ clothing for winter hiking so you can confidently enjoy your family’s next chilly adventure.

Essential Layers

When it comes to dressing your kids for winter hiking, the key is to layer their clothes. This allows for better temperature control and flexibility, as they can easily add or remove layers to stay comfortable throughout the day. Aim for three main layers: a moisture-wicking base layer, insulating mid-layer, and waterproof outer layer. Ready for winter? Gear up with our Youth Trailblazer Puffer Jacket.

Moisture-Wicking Base Layers

Begin with long-sleeve tops and bottoms made from synthetic materials or merino wool. These layers will help regulate your child’s temperature by wicking moisture away from the skin to keep them dry and comfortable all day long.

Warm Mid-Layers

The middle layer adds extra insulation to keep your child warm in particularly frigid temperatures. Opt for fleece, down, or synthetic insulation jackets for your child’s torso. For their legs, consider jeans or fleece-lined leggings. Just make sure you have a wind- and water-resistant outer layer to keep their legs safe from the elements.

Waterproof Outer Layers

A waterproof and wind-resistant coat and snow pants are essential to block wind and moisture so that your child stays warm and dry even when they’re stomping around in the snow.

Hiking Boots and Socks

Invest in waterproof, insulated hiking boots with good traction to keep your child’s feet warm and to prevent slipping on icy or snowy surfaces. You also want to make sure your kids have warm, comfy socks. Look for materials like merino wool to provide good insulation and moisture-wicking properties.

Hats and Gloves

It’s crucial to protect your little one’s head and extremities from the cold, which means that hats, gloves, and other warm accessories are some of the most important kids’ clothing for winter hiking. A warm beanie or headband paired with a scarf or neck gaiter will protect your child’s ears, face, and neck from cold winds. For their hands, look for water-resistant, insulated gloves or mittens that will keep their fingers warm and dry.

Sun Protection

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that the sun won’t be shining. Don’t forget to protect your child’s eyes and exposed skin from the sun’s UV rays. Use sunscreen to guard any exposed skin and have them wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the bright sunlight shining down and reflecting off the snow.

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