How to Camp with Your Dog in Colorado

How to Camp with Your Dog in Colorado

How to Camp with Your Dog in Colorado

The best adventures are the ones we take with our closest companions. What better adventuring partner is there than man’s best friend? Every camping trip becomes more exciting and more memorable when you have your dog at your side. Plus, with all the incredible pet-friendly campgrounds in Colorado, there’s no reason not to bring your furry friends along for the trip. Make your next vacation the best it can be for both of you with this guide on how to camp with your dog in Colorado.

Pack for Both of You

When you go on a camping trip, it’s important to be smart about your packing. You don’t want to bring so much that it weighs you down, but you also can’t forget the essentials. The same holds true for what you pack for your dog. They don’t need every toy, treat, and other homey comforts. However, it’s important to bring along all the necessities for a comfortable, fun, and safe trip. Bring along enough food and water for them—with a couple of extra scoops, just to be safe. Don’t forget the waste bags, either. You should also pay attention to the weather forecast. Just as you might want to bundle up in your favorite Colorado sweatshirt, a short-haired pup might need a jacket if you’re venturing into colder weather. Finally, remember their collar and any necessary documentation. It’s also a good idea to carry a picture of your pup with you at all times, so you can show it to others if you need help finding them.

Heel, Boy!

Your dog should stay with you for the entirety of your trip. Make sure they don’t leave the campsite without you or stray too far when you’re out and about. Even if you take your dog off their leash, you need to keep them nearby. Respect other campers’ boundaries by keeping your dog away from them—unless they ask to meet them, of course. This is also important when you’re sleeping. If you plan to pitch a tent, make sure it’s big enough for both you and your dog. If you’re not in a tent, make sure your furry companion is secure and can't wander off throughout the night.

Have Some Fun

Of course, the best tip for how to camp with your dog in Colorado is to have fun—it is an adventure, after all. There’s plenty to explore in Colorado’s parks and campgrounds, so make sure you get out and discover all the area has to offer. Wander through the woods or mountains together, venture out onto the water, or simply sit back and enjoy the view with your beloved pet at your side. Just be sure to check the campground rules for where your dog can go so that you can continue to respect the space of other campers in the area.

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