Colorado’s K9 Adventures: Dog-Friendly Trails and Activities

Colorado’s K9 Adventures: Dog-Friendly Trails and Activities

If you’re itching for an outdoor adventure, Colorado is the place to be. The only thing that could make the adventurous hiking trails, gorgeous landscapes, and endless fun even better is having your beloved pup right there by your side. Luckily, Colorado is as pet-friendly as it is beautiful. Check out Colorado’s top K9 adventures with this list of dog-friendly trails and activities in the Centennial State.

Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Spots

Hiking with your dog makes the experience so much more fun. However, out of respect for the environment and other hikers, it’s important to stick to parks and trails that are open to canine visitors. That doesn’t mean your choices are limited, though. Rocky Mountain National Park—home to many of Colorado’s most scenic hikes—has plenty of dog-friendly trails. Check out the Cub Lake Loop or Lily Lake Trail to explore stunning mountaintops, meadows, and lakes with your pup. There’s also the stunning Royal Arch Trail near Boulder, which features vibrant meadows, pine forests, and the geological wonder of the Royal Arch itself.

Pet-Friendly Biking Trails

If you’re looking for dog-friendly trails and activities in Colorado but prefer biking over hiking, there are plenty of mountain biking trails to explore. Check out places like the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail in Glenwood Springs, the Lower Loop Trail in Gunnison National Forest, or the Elbert Creek Trail to Castle Rock in San Juan National Forest. This is a great way to explore Colorado’s beautiful wilderness while giving your dog a chance to get their energy out on a thrilling run through the mountains.

Dog-Friendly Breweries

If exploring the mountains is one of Colorado’s great loves, the other is exploring local breweries. After all, who doesn’t love enjoying a pint outside on a beautiful day? There are plenty of breweries with dog-friendly patios and pet lounges. You can even find some breweries making dog treats with the same passion and style they give to their craft beers.

Dog-Friendly Swimming

On those hot, sunny days in the middle of summer, who wouldn’t want to take a dip in the water? The Centennial State is home to plenty of gorgeous waterfronts, including dog-friendly swimming spots. Boulder Creek outside Boulder and the pond in the Chatfield State Park dog area are great spots for a summer hangout with the whole family. Before you head to the waterfront, check out the rules of the area and see what you need in order to bring your dog along for the outing, too.

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